Friday, January 31, 2014

Under The Bed Sheets

About two months ago EXROYALE  stepped onto the indie pop scene with their debut single "Give It Up" and set fire with the catchy chorus and car-jam ready sound. Today we bring you a Ra Ra Riot remix of this hot jam that turns the dial even higher on this powerhouse. The verses have a funk driven indie rock mix that gets you out on the dance floor jamming hard. Perfectly transitioning into a lighter chorus, Ra Ra Riot spins the song to a bubbly sound that lightens things up compared to the heavier verses. Ra Ra Riot has kept a lot of the main characteristics of EXROYALE that we love in this remix all while creating a soundscape that feels like its changes between tempos, but just perfectly transitions between opposites creating a perfectly contrasting work that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Need More Time

Be ready to add Cold Clinical Love to your list of favorite indie rock bands coming from Scandinavia. Reigning from the Aaland Islands, located just between Sweden and Finland, these guys work with grooving guitar over some swooning synths that echo off of the rafters in a angelic way. The harmonies soar beyond the heavens into space at light speeds making your heart melt with euphoric as the lyrics make you feel the deathly pain that lurks in the background. These guys have definitely crafted the a balance between a Coldplay indie rock sound and a 80s keyboard ending. Their sound fits their name with its chilling aspects. You'll find yourself lost in the Scandinavian sounds of Cold Clinical Love after one listen.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Talk About Physicality

Europe has been showing its potential as a powerhouse of music with the successes of many new stars. Belgian has been quite with only a few bands really making a splash this last year, but things are changing with this one. Meet Belgian duo TONER consisting of Sophie Vanhomwegen and Tom Goris who have teamed up to create their pure gold masterpiece "All I Need". TONER has got that dark sound that echoes off of skyscrapers, penetrating your ears with its liquid elegance. Sophie's voice soars slowly above the city as the daylight travels across the sky and sinking away awakening a sea of artificial lights. The production among these two is minimalistic yet perfected to a degree beyond anything we've been hearing as of lately. Just one listen and you'll be sucked into their tidal wave of glacial sound pulling you under into a darkness you can't escape.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lost Our Way

Chilly yet steaming hot UK producing duo One Bit give the world their debut single "Cold" and this diamond in the rough takes one for the kill. One Bit works their craft with a trickling dance track that's like ice cubes hitting the hard ground in slow motion. As the song grows, droplets of a Tesla Boy hit dribble off into a puddle stirring things up for a slow jam that you can find yourself blasting all through the night. It's got the flare of a dance track, but its subtle enough to nod your head to with your sunglasses on as you drive through town being the coolest kid on the block. We name One Bit the two coolest kids of 2014 so far since they clearly know how to get the chill going and then turn things up.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Bend To My Will

This second half of this last year has been dominated with the talk of Lorde and her taboo minimalistic sound that changed the game for pop. It's with Lorde's epic blowup that artists like Island Fox have been able to help expand this galaxy of pop that was light years away and is now approaching us full speed ahead. Island Fox has been gracing the world with some pretty trippy things in the past few months, but today we get another taste with "Atoms". The song is driven by a whistling flute that floats on top of your ears like a calm, breezy wind. The chorus is warped and devilish, but catchy as it's lyrics trickle down your spin like the beginnings of a rain in the summer. Island Fox's vocals reach levels that haunt your soul, but keep you coming back for more of that dark taste. It's almost like witchcraft with how Island Fox catches you off guard and keeps you craving more.

Precious Time

London's got some new rockers on the scene and they go by the name of Escapists with their debut "Breaking It Up". This 4-piece band's got that hard hitting sound that comes at you like a wall and makes you catch yourself head banging away. These guys have got a Kings of Leon sound that stretches the course proving to propel them into the ranks of The Arctic Monkeys. Crafting what might be this day's best rock song, Escapists incorporate a little bit of something for everyone. Their music is sincere and light yet strong and powerful and easy to jam to. Their the perfect band for the up and coming festival season to show your friends and act like the hipster rocker you are. Just one listen and you'll be raving for days on the epicness that is Escapists.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What You Think You Deserve

Sydney's got a new crazy good duo on their hands that go by the name of Little Earthquake. This brother duo has been working hard all through 2013 to bring into the world a proper debut single and with "Planets" they have done just that. They've got that undeniably good indie rock sound of The Royal Concept, while adding in some vocal effects in the atmosphere of a Badboxes tune. They work the song between a hard hitting rock chorus to a reggae sound that goes back to the early years of No Doubt in the 90s. We are absolutely loving what these guys offered up, and they've been working hard to make sure its a sure-fire hit. "Planets" is effortless and bound to be the perfect tune to ramp up the heat for this spring leading into a hot humid summer in the city.

Know What To Feel

After an explosive debut earlier this week, Paperwhite is holding nothing back and is going full force into the pop game. Their second flavor that they're showing to the world is a remix of a personal favorite, Fickle Friends' "Swim". Giving an 80s pop twist to this already bumping track, this duo has found the perfect way to redigitalize Fickle Friends. This Brooklyn duo turns Fickle Friends' hit into a pixelated jam that's reaches into the depths of a tropical Goldroom track. Fickle Friends already brightened up this winter, but Paperwhite is fusing with colors beyond the rainbow that we could never have imagined. Get to know both of these awesome bands because they are turning out to be the hottest of the hot this year. We might as well crown Fickle Friends and Paperwhite kings and queens of heat.

 *Also check out the original version of "Swim"*

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dusting Off My Suitcase

There's a new form of pop hitting the scene with the formation of London duo Gold Spectacles. This team has taken a folk driven track and kept it modern and alive. Their debut track "Steal You Away" is like a journey cross country running from the law at hand. It bright and sunny, but full of intensity. Gold Spectacles keep you on the edge with the minimalistic sound that's light in the vocals. The electric guitars are pushed further to the back of the mix, allowing for them to sit in the back seat of the listeners mind, which might be the reason it keeps this sense of turmoil always hidden in the background. Gold Spectacles are killing in the producing and the songwriting game with this one. There's no doubt that 2014 is going to take them on a journey cross country and the world -- Outlaws ready to steal the spotlight from anyone in their path!

I'm Wondering

Last year we saw the likes of Raleigh Ritchie, an R&B artist from the UK, make quite some stir over his music and the ramping up to his EP release. Raleigh is still going strong, but 2014 is looking like there's a new guy on the rise with his tracks -- Leon T. Pearl. This UK artist is working hard to create a path for himself in the electronic R&B with some pretty great things going on over the past two years. Towards the end of 2013 "If You're Still There" was released, but it was just now that this energetic track surfaced on our computer and we are kinda sad that we didn't find this earlier. His lyrics seem to just flow from his lips, like liquid spewing out of a fire hydrant. His electronic production reminds us of the R&B banger sound of the powerhouse. Leon T. Pearl clearly has got something great here and it seems like he takes his time to create the best he can in the competitive industry. We're hoping to be seeing a lot more of his guy in 2014. Fingers cross because this song is a crazy jam that's production is years beyond being up to par.

Sinking Into Memory

A song always tells a story, some told simply through metaphor, but Lanks, the solo project of Will Cuming, takes story telling into a vivid tale of folklore nature with his debut "Rises and Falls". Starting off with a Gabriel Bruce-like speaking/singing in the beginning, Lanks tells the story leading to where things get really good at about 30 seconds. Lanks shows us his raspy voice that compliments this story book-like song. It's this spoken singing that brings a sense of uniqueness to the sounds Lanks has created here. It's almost like you can find yourself  in every moment of the story that he tells about what seems to be a disaster at hand. The song climbs to a towering point where you can sense the water rising, filling a enclosed room to the brink where only a sliver of air is left. You take one slight last breathe of air in the room and slip under the water, sinking slowly to ground. Lanks bring the suspense to his music that'll keep you on the edge of your seat through the entire listening experience. It's like the IMAX of music -- vivid and in the moment.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Head Up In The Clouds

The day has come! Our favorite up-and-coming Swedish pop star Marlene ∞ is back with her second single "Stay Awake". After hearing her perform this live in NYC back in October there was no doubt that this was going to be the greatest follow up to "Bon Voyage". Marlene takes you into a dream land of wonder with this hot track. She keeps things smooth and calm in the verse, leading to the soaring chorus that will make you feel like you're floating in a dream that's soft and elegant. Marlene's voice is effortless as it crafts this perfect melody. This girl has the talent vocally and the talent to write a true fire hit and "Stay Awake" is beyond hit potential. It is a smash that will blow you away leaving you breathless in how well crafted it is. It's the perfect track for those sleepless nights.

Mouths Run Dry

Powering. Danceable. Addictive. Electric. These are the four words we are using to describe the new Thumpers single "Galore". Coming to us from London, Thumpers is a duo that has everything you could ask for in indie pop. They have an indie rock beat that they somehow have combined with an electric sound in a perfect way. Their catchy melody is similar in the realm of Wildcat! Wildcat! with its fun lightness that makes you want to sing along no matter where you are. There's a lot here that also gives off the energy of Walk The Moon. You'll find yourself in a spinning frenzy of excitement after one listen to "Galore".

Eyes Are Open

It's the dream of every artist to share the stage with some of the biggest influences in pop music. For Thomas J Speight this dream has been a reality all before he even made his actual debut. Some of these names include Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, and Jake Bugg. Now he's ramping up with a proper debut single "Just Where I Want To Be" being released from the wonderful Killing Moon family. Thomas gives us this happy-go-lucky indie rock sound that works in the folk aspects from his lyrics perfectly and sprinkles the perfect amount of pop that makes his music so addictive. He gives off this boy-next-door vibe that works for him so well in winning the hearts of music lovers everywhere. If there's anything to say about Thomas J Speight is that after one listen you know his music will have a place in your heart.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Breathe With Me

Ed Thomas isn't holding anything back with his debut solo work. Just after releasing his debut single two weeks ago, he is back with his new song "Hurt". Ed sticks with electronic sound, but takes a little bit more melancholy approach to this tune. With a beat that's banging in the background, he keeps some chilling synths that compliment his flawless voice throughout the entire song. The strongest points in his music is his chorus -- strong and powerful the lyrics just flow out of his heart. Everything about Ed Thomas screams future super star. Perhaps with the fantastic tunes he's been dropping and the hard work he's going to put into 2014 he'll excel as fast as Sam Smith did. He's got the talent and the jamming pop records to prove it.

Not That Kind of Drum

Marian Hill has been keeping this super chill in their R&B sound and they are back with their new single "One Time" that's sexy and jazzy in all the right ways. "One Time"'s got the sultry sax perfect for a smoke filled bar, along with the perfect R&B beat that gets the groove going. Lead singer, Samantha Gongol's vocals are out of this world with a Kimbra sound. If Marian Hill isn't on your current playlist then you better be clicking addd in this moment. They are changing the game bring a jazz sound back into the game of pop and sticking with the hot new minimalistic sound. This duo is a game changer!

Blink Of An Eye

We absolutely love when we get a submission and the song and band we get just gives off that feel like it has so much to give to to the world of pop. This time it is New York band Marque Dos with their song "City at Night". Granted it took us till the second listen to fully grasp the song, but after the second listen you find yourself just thinking of all the possibilities that are in store for this 4-piece band. "City At Night" is a classic pop song that stands for what more than a crazy night in the city. The simplicity of the song's meaning allows for the fun energy to flow out and transfix the listener into a dancing frenzy. Not to mention the vocals catch your attention from the very beginning in how pop friendly they are. Let the fun nights and crazy times roll with Marque Dos.

I'll Never Know

After winning over listeners hearts with his folk sounds on "Magpie", Khushi is back with the lead single off of his upcoming EP, "Phantoms". Khushi picks up right where he left off stick with an Alt-J folk sound that finds itself starting off very minimalistic but growing in strength as the tune churns past time. We imagine a clear summers day as the clouds float slowly by at first, but as more clouds move in the skies become darker and the white fluff that was before turns into darkened thunderheads leading to a storm that frightens your soul. "Phantoms" empowers the listener, embracing the phantoms and ghosts of the past while holding tight to the warmth and good within. If the first single off of his EP is this good, we can't imagine how phenomenal the EP is going to be.

Is It Something

Brooklyn's got a new band on their hands as of today. Paperwhite makes their debut today with their 80s classic sounding "Got Me Goin". Channeling a St. Lucia's paradise production, Paperwhite plays with hooks and a soaring chorus that "gets you going". This brother-sister duo have a long history together by starting to make music since they could bang on pots and pans, which probably helped give them the advantage in creating this texturized sound that's beyond anything we've ever heard. Along with this they have some noteworthy success already behind them with one half of this duo drumming for Savoir Adore. Paperwhite is on an rainforest exploration searching far and wide for that retro jungle sound and with this debut they sure have got it captured. Close your eyes and you'll find yourself climbing to the top of the rainforest canopy and overlooking a natural world of wonder.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Move So Slow

Things just got a whole lot smoother with Johnny Stimson's "So. Good." like that perfect cup of coffee in the morning or that sweet wine late at night with the lights down low. Giving an old time jazz vibe, Stimson sticks to his classic pop sound, but brings things down a bit. Taking clear influences of some of the greatest hits today, Stimson has a sound like Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience Pt. 1 with his slick vocals and full production. There's bits of Michael Bublé, mixed with pieces of Frank Oceans' R&B sound that make this track oh so good! Johnny has stepped up to the plate for 2014 with this song and he'll definitely have all the ladies swooning. Take a listen and you'll be hooked for sure.

Petty Fantasy

After dropping some bedroom demos this past year that left people aw struck, Shivum Sharma is now giving us some beautiful sounds from a professionally produced track "Flicker". This south Londoner takes listeners dreams and bring them to an ambient dream land filled with rolling mountains covered in jungle forests. Traveling far and wide, the ambient sound floats higher and higher shooting past the clouds and into the atmosphere where calmness captures the soul as the sun shines and the clouds act as a bed. Shivum Sharma's sound is elegant and extremely mature with clear influences of calm psychedelic music. After one listen to his music and you'll be lost in your dreams, forever fighting between a hectic reality and a calming fantasy.

I Just Wanna Know

The man who killed it with releases in the second half of 2013 is now ready for his takeover of 2014. Lincoln Jesser hits this year off with the release of his latest song "Certainty" and we are certain this is ready to be another hit! Lincoln has been sticking with a sound that has been working with him -- electronic perfection. "Certainty" channels some a touch of smooth jazz while keeping things modern with the infusion of electronics that make you feel like you're in a world run by technology. The chorus is addictive and keeps you wanting more with the melancholy "wubs" so eminent in electronic dance music. Lincon Jesser's building up fast and is ready to take over the world. After listening to "Certainty" you'll be certain this guys going places in pop.

Monday, January 20, 2014

We So Gone

Today is just proving to be one of the hottest days in music with all of this electronic beach sounds. We continue the reign of summer heat in the dead cold of winter with ASTR's latest, "Blue Hawaii". After spending a year dropping unstoppable hits that you find yourself getting down to, this duo is dropping their Varisty EP on Neon Gold this week and things couldn't be better. Varsity features all of your favorites from "Operate" to "Razor", but it features two new songs and "Blue Hawaii" is the heat of this major release. Staying true to their electronic hip hop sound, ASTR switches things a bit taking a cruise down a trap style beat lane. There's no doubt that this new track showcases lead singer Zoe's vocals at their best -- dark and lustful. The track screams humid neon nights in Miami, cruising the beach to drink the night away with good company. ASTR is already proving themselves a force to be reckoned with in 2014 after playing a sold out Popshop in NYC last week and now hitting up London for New Shapes' debut. You'll definitely be feeling the heat as you dance your night away to steaming track.

Visions Are Flashing

We've been waiting for the day that MVSCLES would finally make their return and on this cold January day it has finally come. MVSCLES give us their latest work "Somethin" which brightens even the coldest of days with a track that is the perfect soundtrack to an 80s beach party. Light and electronic filled, MVSCLES perfectly grasp all of your senses and slowly tiptoe across the sand while tossing all of your cares into the sky, illuminating the night with glittering stars and booming fireworks. Just by listening to any of MVSCLES music you can tell that Chad and Cat, the two members who make up this phenomenal duo, have that chemistry in the realm of Matt and Kim. Let MVSCLES dive into your hearts with their long waited comeback and warm you with their passion till this cold January weather is no more.

Feel It Coming

Scavenger Hunt has done it again! After making music listeners "get lost" in their first single this fall, they are back and ready to kick it with their second single "Dreamers". Dreamers leaves off exactly where Scavenger Hunt left us with "Lost", a delicate electronic sound with killer vocals that'll make you swoon. Channeling an 80s-St. Lucialike song, things get energized to the levels of the rays of the sun. Embracing a Cali-beach sound, this LA based duo has crafted the perfect track that embraces the warm of the west coasts and takes it out of this world at light speeds. It's almost like a Ghost Beach track featuring vocals like Savoir Adore's own Deidre. Scavenger Hunt has been making quite the stir with opening for Capital Cities on New Year Eve and now playing a Grammy's pre-show in February. These two are holding true to our prediction that Scavenger Hunt is one to watch for 2014. Listen below to their latest track and you'll be Embracing the night with your dreams.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

If You Like It

After releasing two killer songs, one live and one from the studio, July Child has continued with their varied releases with a cover of the unmistakably good Le Youth song "Cool", which samples Cassie's "Me & U". These Londoners stick with the electronic sound that Le Youth uses, except this time they take things to a more ambient level. Adding some haunting effects to the vocals, it deepens the overall effect of the song. The song leads into a simple electronic jungle bat that keeps the song powering forward. The overall sound reminds us so much of IYES's cover of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love". Everything about this cover is irresistible, from the purest of vocals to the light production that tiptoes over breaking ice giving the sense of might. We would absolutely say with this cover July Child is pretty "cool".

Always A Runner

There's been no better new comer than the British band Adult Jazz. After dropping an amazing debut, "Springful", they are back with a second offering, "Am Gone". Adult Jazz creates the perfect indie rock tune by staying true to the classic guitar and drums while incorporating unique effects that make the listening experience trippy for the ears. Their lyrics and melody are playful in the realm of Vampire Weekend, while infusing an Alt-jlike composition. Things stay simple throughout "Am Gone", but the ending is quite unique with the use of woodwind instruments that add some quirkiness their sound. These guys have already hit their careers off with a bang by opening for the likes of Arthur Beatrice and now playing their own headlining shows this February. There's no telling where Adult Jazz will go this year with their mountain like sound.

Drunk Dreams

It's always great to see some phenomenal music coming from NYU the place we call home, and today another masterpiece from the school everyone dreams to go to was released by Ari Leff, aka EPIQUE. EPIQUE has a long line of epic remixes of some of our favorites that show his true production style, but this time things get even better with his new single "Relapse Love". Channeling the perfect pop guitar mixed over a infectious dance beat, EPIQUE showcases his flawless vocals that will get you losing your mind. The chorus is infused with a buzzing drop that's crazy beyond belief. You find ourself diving back into the relationships of your past, craving for ex's touch in every way. EPIQUE has kicked his 2014 off right with this radio-ready release. Be ready for a music relapse with the urge to play this banger on repeat all day long. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm Burning Up

The boy-girl duo has been a the hot thing these days with the likes of IYES, Cardiknox, Scavenger Hunt, and ASTR. Today, we bring you yet another amazing boy-girl duo, Young Ford,  except this time things are little different. This duo are husband and wife currently residing in Arizona. With their song "One Last Soul", they tell the tales of their love and life together. When two people in love write music together its an entirely different feel. You can feel their passion for one another and their stories come alive. Young Ford have the lyrical qualities of Of Monsters and Men, channeling a classic folk sound that can't help but warm the heart. Young Ford has built themselves a great debut with "One Last Soul" and things can only go up with the sound they have crafted for themselves.

I'm Never With You

We are so happy to be hearing some new music from a new favorite from Leeds, White Royal. With their latest single, "False Widow", White Royal take you on a luminescent journey of carefree evenings right as the sun shines is final pink rays before setting behind the horizon. They stick with what might be their signature sound to build the song as it goes, adding layers that compliment one and another colors perfectly. White Royal brings melancholy to the forefront in this track, a perfect image of a ship lost at sea. This trio is wasting no time with their releases, each time giving us something that makes us love them more with each listen.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Cold Winged Daughter

Racing Glaciers hit it big last week when they dropped their new single "New Country",  getting a huge reception from music lovers across the world. This week we get a retake on this mountain man of a song by Laurel, who takes the song to a whole different dimension. Laurel sticks with her signature haunting sound she uses in her own music and twists Racing Glaciers into a haunted forest filled with dark spirits that feed off of the mortal world. The remix is a bit more instrument, changing the song drastically enough that it stands on its own as a single piece of work. Take a listen to this remix and let Laurel haunt your soul with her music genius.

Obey A Command

PLOY kicks off their 2014 with another single that will make you love them even more. "Triumph" is driven by a jungle beat that drives forward with sensual devotion. PLOY builds the song to the highest point where they demand "obey a command" that will have you cheering it with them. PLOY take hard drives and lust to craft this synthy tune that shows their true powerhouse potential. Each time they release something new it reaches new heights, pushing theses guys further towards success. PLOY is on the verge of capturing the animal inside with this release.

Searched The Whole Damn Place

Haim has been the leading sister act this past year, killing it hard in the festival circuit and then dropping an album that blew the pants off of everyone. Unfortunately, this post has little to do with Haim, but it does have a lot to  deal with The Edmondsons, three sisters from London who have Haimlike qualities in their sound. Today, they released "Marble Arch", a demo that's a perfect balance of folk and hard rocker. The girls start off the tune with a some simple strums that let the vocals shine, leading into a higher energy that gets jamming. The girls create some harmonies that soar into a rushing stream and dive into your heart strings. If this version of "Marble Arch" is just a demo, we can't even imagine how amazing the official song will sound like. These girls have created something that just might propel them into being the big sister act of this next year.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kick Down Walls

Today just seems to be the day where all of our new favorite bands of 2014 are coming forward. This time we bring you Emerson Jay with single "LZY Me" off of his debut EP. This Pittsburgh artist brings us his 80s synth jam packed with a groove of a sunny day. The song is straight forward and delves into the true talent of this artist. He's masterfully crafted the perfect soundtrack for a crazy summer of beach days with friends that lead into the humid nights of drinking and city lights. One listen sends your mind back into the memories of your favorite times as a kid rolling in the sand with no cares and enjoying the simple things in life. He's got the fusion of a St. Lucia track, with a twist Great Good Fine Ok. Emerson Jay is officially added to our ones to watch for 2014 as of now. There's no turning back for this guy. He's got the heat of summer in this cold winter!

Blazin' In The Outfield

New York band Prelow made their debut with their single "For The Team", filled with remnants  of of a 90s R&B vibe mixed with the perfect amount of indie sounds that make for an enjoyable time. It's got  some major groove and the lyrics paint a vivid picture of vintage leather jackets and smokey bars in the depths of Brooklyn. There's a sense of lust in the song of a pretty blonde smoking a cigarette as she sips on a glass of whiskey, the smoke swirling around her lips and slowly falling to the floor. The relaxed vibes reach to the levels of Badboxes, almost being so relaxed that they give off tension. Prelow took one "for the team" with this one and hit it off their debut the right way. New favorite band of 2014 right here.

Body Radiation

Freeze-Tag gives us his first offering, "You Do", off of his upcoming album Last Night I Grew Tentacles, and it is a cosmic explosion of R&B. Taking a bit of what would be considered experimental touch to this classic genre, Freeze-Tag lets his voice shine through the space light electronics that tinker like needles hitting the ground. His sound reminds us a lot of Raleigh Ritchie, except indulged more in the raw electronics. He builds up a fog of technology that drops out and comes back thicker than before for the very end. Freeze-Tag will have you road tripping through the cosmos on this one.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Know

Philadelphia trio WORSHYPER is doing it right with "Calm & Haunt", an electronic symphony that's jubilant and haunting, sending chills down your spin. Starting off with a playful beginning that instills a sense of youth, builds to a haunting and chiming breakdown that picks up into a spinning array of colors in the mist of night. There's almost an oriental feeling to the tinkering synth that drives the song forward to the final chorus that keeps diving deeper into the layers createed. WORSHYPER  is like nothing we've heard before and that's what makes them so unique. The energy they bring drives itself into the listeners heart, instilling happiness and darkness into your soul. WORSHYPER has teamed up with Human Kindness Overflowing, a label that donates all proceeds to charity, to release their EP last year. It's always great when a band is creating music that moves the soul and also helps people in need.

Don't Cha Know

The night sky slowing growing from a deep, dark blue into the oranges and yellows of a rising sun bringing a bright sunny day in a icy land is the exact kind of picture that perfectly captures the sound that Mansionair emits. This Aussie band dropped their debut single "Hold Me Down" back at the end of December and it features Revier. Mansionair perfectly captures a chilling sound, like ice crystals forming on a window in the tundra. The chorus emerges with brighter colors with a pure falsetto sound that is light as a feather. Mansionair proves with this kind of a debut that they have the ability to make a major cross over into U.S. with no problem. Their snowy sound will hopefully freeze the Pacific and bring more of the presence into the states.

Driving With No Lights

Once again we are being treated by a remix of none other than Ayer. This time we get the stylings of Los Angeles producer Elephante on Ayer's latest single "Young". The original version is sexed up and smooth, but Elephante reworked the song into a fist pumping banger thats ready for the club. Ready for an EDM festival, Elephante builds the verses using smooth synth work that leads to a powering chorus that makes you want to dance your ass off and go crazy. This remix is perfect in so many ways and when returning to the original version you begin to find more things you hadn't realized before that were present. Both compliment one another perfectly shedding light on how versatile a song can be. Props to Ayer and Elephante. Two dude about to kill it this year!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Say You Will

Blood Cultures is back and things couldn't be better. After climbing the Hype Machine charts this fall with their his/their debut single "Indian Summer", Blood Cultures offers up his/their second release "Mercury Child" which blasts the listener off into an alien planet of electronic music. With the 80s synth work like Neon Indian, Blood Cultures adds a bit more of a punch to their sound, compared to "Indian Summers" calming sound, with a pounding chorus in the realm of a Lincoln Jesser tune. Blood Cultures adds in what sounds like a horn or saxophone later in the song and reworks the instrument to create a otherworldly mechanism. Not much is known about Blood Cultures. The only form of online presence is their Soundcloud page with no Facebook or Twitter. We aren't sure who's exactly behind this fascinatingly epic music, but it takes you into outer space and lets you twirl among the stars.

Worshiped Through My Virtue

As with all types of pop music, what is now popular will fade and a new type will prove to rise to the top. Perhaps the next big thing in pop is a more experimental approach. We see it with Lorde as she conquers the charts with her minimalistic sound. Quite recently more experimental pop artists are beginning to make a stir and of these is Ninetails with their latest single "Radiant Hex". Starting off with a backwards motion mixed with African soul, Ninetails takes things a step further from ambience building into an R&B/electronic beat. A soothing voice twirls with some smooth jazz trumpets shining like a bright star in the night sky.  "Radiant Hex" is presented with so many levels, but at the same time these extensive layers all melt together to form a masterpiece of godly proportions. Ninetails paints bold colors with "Radiant Hex" off of their upcoming release Quiet Confidence. This trio is one to watch as they bring experimental-pop into the forefront of music.

Something's Changed

Brighton does it again, bringing us yet another killer band that has crafted their own unique sound. Them The Sky brings us their song "Start Again", which takes the listener on a floating journey of ambience courtesy of a classic indie rock sound. They take a Oberhofer guitar sound and lighten it with echoing sounds like a valley deep in the mountains. The song is at a constant climb, growing strong to the very end where it drops off, and then comes back for one last flight in to the bright blue sky. This five piece band has been working hard, even creating a visual show when they perform live. They are currently in the process of prepping a new visual show for this year and plan to tour throughout Europe.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Can't Stay Close Together

Los Angeles band, The New Division, is ramping up for their sophomore LP on Division 87 Records with the release of their latest track "Stockholm". After receiving much acclaim from Pitchfork, The Guardian, and other blogs, these guys are ready to come back with vengeance. "Stockholm" is a banging track with lyrics like The Postal Service. The underlying rock aspects show remnants of The Killers infused with a new 80s feel similar to the classic New Order. The New Division have perfectly crafted a song that's perfect for a late night road trip into the city filled with neon lights. The New Division have set themselves up for a perfect 2014 with this track. Get lost in the neon lights with "Stockholm".

Palace Within My Dreams

The man behind the infectious production of Ayer's music, Mickey Valen dropped his latest work today, a remix of none other than Lorde's "Team". Staying true to the original mix of this hit song, Mickey infuses it with some 70s disco chords and piano runs that a jubilant feel to Lorde's darker sound.  Mickey has crafted a new take on Lorde that is a bit peppier and fun. It's simple and cool and a great remix to jam out to in the car with the sun shinning bright. There's no doubt Mickey is in it for the long haul with producing some hits for Noosa and now Ayer. This guy is one to watch as he tears things up!

Holding On And On

When we think of Columbia University, positioned on the edge of Harlem border lining the no-mans-land of Manhattan, we instantly think of scholars and educational geniuses, yet we sometimes find a rising pop gem thrown into that environment just reaching for the moment to grasp at the air and soar. This pop gem at Columbia is Mattheu's with his latest single "Sanguine". Giving a chiming ambience at first, the song picks up into a R&B vibe that channels a bit of Alicia Keys in her early works. The big flare comes with the awe-inspring chorus that dives into a sea of hopefulness and longing. Mattheu has crafted a smooth masterpiece filled with colors of lustful reds and the darkest of blues. Mixing his aching heart with some excellently produced synthwork, he has crafted an unique sound for himself that is going to put him on the map. Take a listen to "Sanguine" and you will be longing for more from this genius.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Worlds Collide

We normally don't post on the weekend, but something enormous is brewing here. Glass brings us a debut single, "Bed" today, and it might just be the starting point of something that escalates to the top. With a calming beginning, the vocals come in and take your breathe away, sending you drifting into a dream world of burning water and weightlessness. Glass takes things down even further to an electronic drum interlude that leads to a continuing mix of electronics and ambient sounds rising to a finale that wins your heart over and leaves you craving more of this everlasting wonder as it drops you back into the real world. The overall sound is a mix of James Blake's soulful sound, and a SOHN production, iced to perfection with a overall new and unique sound that's out of this world. An amazing debut filled with brilliant moments. Glass is set to release a debut EP Follies and Old Flames later this month, so keep Glass on your radar.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Memory Faded

After releasing the epic single "Take You There" earlier this week, Bel Heir ends this week with the B-side, a cover of one of our favorites, HAERTS' "All The Days". Stripping away the high energy drums HAERTS originally infused this hit with, Bel Heir fills it with echoing synths that instill calmness into the listener.  Bel Heir takes new steps into the final buildup to the last chorus with booming synths that signify the explosions to come in the finals seconds. Bel Heir is proving themselves to be a rising pop power to be reckoned with and will do nothing to stop from reaching pop royalty. Be sure to check them out live at Neon Gold Records' Popshop next week, January 26, and its FREE. You can RSVP here.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Smoke Screens

Pop music has always been reaching new levels with the experimentation of electronics in music that become available so easily, and with the imagination of some genius minds. For Island Fox, experimental pop is their expertise. "Things I've Seen" proves to be the perfect apocalyptic soundtrack, with verses so minimalist and filled with guitars in reverse that it perfectly captures the calm before the storm. The storm is their chorus buzzing with darkened synths that you can only imagine the clouds of a haunting storm swirling above your head reading to rain down the thunder and lighting of your demise.  Island Fox capture anxiety and the darker days with their Hoodlem-like production and the soothing vocals that remind us of Wet and London Grammar. Pure and perfect, yet blackened by empty spaces that eco with chimes of a darker time.

Fall At My Feet

Like the man, Boots, behind Beyonce's latest album, there always seems to be someone who is a key figure in writing the hits that help create the hype. In this situation, Ed Thomas is the Boots to Bondax. Ed Thomas is coming forward and gives us his solo debut, "On My Own", and damn, is this a perfect song to start building a solo career on. With the clear 80s influence,  Ed takes the listener on a journey that's filled with soaring notes filled with soul driving into some Panama Wedding-like drums that give this song its fighting power. The chorus will get you every time, with its bluesy goodness that you can't help but belt your heart out to. Ed Thomas has got the goods and the talent to make this year his year.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Don't Lose Your Senses

If you're not in love with Ayer yet then we have one question for you? What are you thinking?! With two singles out and basically destroying the Hype Machine charts, this Brooklyn dude keeps finding ways to make some noise. This time Frenchman Wize has done a funky remix to Ayer's already popping track, "Circle Down". Keeping a chill vibe, keeps the energy coming strong adding some synthy horns in a build up that reaches the top and slowly fades out to a final cymbal crash. It's a funky 70s disco retake on this already wonderful hit, with a major modern twist.