Thursday, December 26, 2013

You Were The One

 2013 has been known as the year where indie pop duos have risen from the depths and shown their unstoppable power. One of these duo is the New Zealand duo Broods who made quite some noise with their debut "Bridges" produced by non other than those who helped make Lorde who she is today. Now they are back with their second offering "Never Gonna Change", a second glimpse at their upcoming EP. "Never Gonna Change" continues with their minimalistic sound, while take more of a powering, electrified sound. Grasping at the end of heart break, BROODS is comparable to the darkened sounds of IYES. BROODS has crafted an unstoppable sound and there's no doubt that we'll be seeing a lot more from these two. BROODS' debut EP is set for release in early 2014 off of Capitol Records.


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