Monday, December 23, 2013

Will It Ever Change?

Lorde, the seventeen-year-old girl gone superstar in a matter of months, is prepping for her first headlining tour this spring which will sure push her further ahead in her career than she has even been. Lorde, being as amazing as she already is for a seventeen-year-old, she is hitting the road with another soon to be massive super star Lo-Fang. Lo-Fang, or Matthew Hemerlein, has been classically trained in violin, cello, bass piano, and guitar, all of which shine through in his songs. Lo-Fang has his debut LP coming out this February and has worked long and hard with Francois Tetaz (Gotye producer) to make things on his debut LP the best it could possibly be. Clearly having a worldly sound, Lo-Fang has used his travels to different parts of the world as his inspirations to his music. After listening to #88, and his other releases, Lo-Fang will win your heart over and have you dying for more.