Friday, December 20, 2013

Speaking in the Dead of Night

After having a successful 2013 with his release of his Embrace EP, Goldroom is back to remixing some of the greatest artists in this day and age. With this, Goldroom just dropped his latest remix of St. Lucia's epic song "All Eyes On You". Goldroom throws in the 80s dance feel, which reminds us of St. Lucia's banger of a song "September", all while keeping Goldroom's own classic sound in the mix. Goldroom takes this superb pop hit and makes it into something we can see people dancing to in the club. The mix remains true to the clear 80s influence present in any St. Lucia song, which makes this combination perfect in every way. Fingers crossed that maybe there will be a collaboration between the two in 2014, but if not we have this mix which is epic enough.

1 comment:

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