Friday, December 13, 2013

Like An Animal

It's official. Beyonce is back and the world is in a frenzy with this release that was so unexpected. What is even more exciting is looking at the amazing people who helped her make this album what it is. When looking at the lists of people who produced and wrote for Beyonce's latest work you come across Boots. Nothing is really known about him, except for the fact that he has been spending this year mostly working on the Bey's album and he's signed to Rocnation. He has one song on his own, "Haunted", which literally the title speaks for itself. Giving off a 60s acoustic feel, Boots infuses synths that don't over power, but compliment the overall effect of this music. We're predicting that Boots will be the new hit maker that everyone will be want to work with. On this, we leave you to listen because this song clearly speaks for itself.

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