Monday, December 30, 2013

Hey! Lady

We say this every time: "Sweden is the best place for indie pop". That much is true with the indie pop newcomer SKOGRÅ. Dropping "Now You See Me" just this week, SKOGRÅ has presented a unique gem here. With a heavily influenced disco beat, SKOGRÅ whips in some funk to get the party started. If this doesn't satisfy you enough, There is an epic build up to the final chorus where all you want to do is dance your ass off. Not much is listed about SKOGRÅ as to who is behind this amazing work, but what we do know is that their name comes from Swedish folklore about a forest spirit who seduces men and takes their souls. If thats what SKOGRÅ is, then soon enough they will have seduced everyone with their irresistible sound, having us surrendering our hearts to their music.