Monday, December 2, 2013

Fire In My Heart

After releasing a true fire hit with Ghost Beach, French Horn Rebellion is back with their latest collaborative track "The Fire". Teaming up with their long time friends, Savoir Adore, French Horn Rebellion has given us another modern disco-pop hit. With Deidre's perfect 60s voice as the main focus on this track, the grooving production of French Horn Rebellion brings the disco feel we have grown to love from them. The groove of the song has remnants of French Horn Rebellion's "Friday Nights", which makes us love it even more; something new with a little bit of the old things we love. French Horn Rebellion head out on tour this Wednesday and will be starting it off with a few shows as co-headliners with Savoir Adore. Be sure to check them out as these two powerhouses bring the party!


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