Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Will It Be Enough?

The electronic R&B scene has been the hot thing lately. With artists like BASECAMP making strides at combining electronic music with soul, there have been few who have grasped the perfect balance of the two. Oscar Key Sung does just that on "All I Could Do". Combining a hip hop sounding dance beat in the realm of Azealia Banks style, Oscar brings the soul and electronic feel that balances all sides perfectly. Its not too R&B, but its not a full club banger where you can go crazy and fist pump your way all the way through. Reigning from Australia, we add Oscar Key Sung to our list of the phenomenal artists coming to us from Australia with his perfect masterpiece. The best part of the whole song is how right when you think its about to end, it breaks into an even bigger sound, leaving the listener wanting more.

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