Friday, November 22, 2013

Bygones Be Bygones

Being extremely late on this one, we finally came across Norwegian artist Emilie Nicolas and her cover of the DumDum Boys' "Pstereo", and we are happy that this came across our desk through a recommendation by one of our favorites, Ana Yanez. Emilie Nicolas does wonders on this cover, channeling a classic European 90s-pop sound that shatters walls. With the banging R&B beat that reminds us of the production on Marlene ∞, her voice shines to the sun and enlightens the heart. Everything about Emilie screams super star. Dropping some original songs in the past, she has signed to Sony Music Norway and we can only hope that her full fledged debut will occur in 2014. For now we get this perfect Scandinavian, ABBA-like tune!

1 comment:

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