Friday, November 29, 2013

Sunk In Oceans Blue

After dropping their debut single Vapour at the beginning of summer, Vancouver Sleep Clinic is back with their latest offering "Collapse". Described as "atmospheric sounds", Vancouver Sleep Clinic clearly depicts floating through the clouds in slow motion. Their music fitting perfectly with the coldness of winter, their lyrics clearly depict words of the heart. This Brisbane-native, Tim Bettinson, is currently prepping for his debut EP release and we couldn't be happy. What amazes us more is that Tim is only 17 years-old, making him fit into the crowd of Lorde of young songwriters doing it write. Expect for Vancouver Sleep Clinic take come for its inevitable take over.

Tripping For So Long

With what started off as walks through New York, a lot of talks, and eating at Bodegas sparked the creation of Made In Heights. Made In Heights' clearly show the deepness and the nostalgia of their music through their vivid lyrics. Starting off with a simple synth infused chorus vocal sounds, their song "Death" throws in a quick 90s dance beat leading to the icing on the cake, Kelsey Bulkin's peaceful vocals. Giving the perfect amount of depth to their music, Kelsey and Alexei Saba have clearly have put in so much effort and heart into their music. It's almost like pages from a diary ripped out and put to music. Listen to "Death", and take a peak into the minds of the creators of Mad In Heights.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just To Wake Up

New comers The Landing are creating their own genre called "space pop" and theirs good reason that they are calling it this. Their latest work "Anxieties" features is perfectly crafted featuring synths that defy gravity. With an simple beat through the verse, the chorus gets an industrial mix down. There's something similar to SEAWAVES' electronically infused sound, but all together we find that this New York based band has stepped forward and created their own unique sound that works. The feel of infinity while listening is a journey with the vocals that flutter above everything else. There's something to say when a band can go as far as to creating their own genre. Try out this new galaxy-genre by listening to The Landing's newest work below.

Remember Me

After dropping a few demos last year, IYES has finally released their debut single "'Til Infinity", a mystic trip through sound. This Brighton-based band, consisting of Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanova, infused banging drums with an eery synth infused track. Think X Ambassadors mixed with the electronic sound of Lovelife topped off with a perfect chorus like a Royal Teeth hit. With pure vocals that shine through all darkness, IYES has definitely on our radar. We are preparing for a major breakthrough from these two as they create darkened pop that reaches levels of perfection.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Heart's Will Follow

Hold everything! Sweden has done it yet again with the electronic-pop trio DNKL, pronounced "dunkel". This Gothenburg band gives us their debut single "Hunt" and its everything we could ask for. Combining a chill beat with haunting synths, DNKL is ready for their breakthrough. Beginning with a simple beat with a simple piano, the tune drops into a humming synth infused hit. The song builds to an uplifting drop towards the end that soars to the skies and floats across mountains. Think Panama, except with  a darkened, European electronic-pop twist. DNKL has surely got us in a state of awe with this one and craving more.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Breakin' My Heart

After dropping to singles that that created a storm and a great run at CMJ this year, COIN is back with a cover of a classic. Taking the old tune "Cecilia" by Simon & Garfunkel, COIN adds their own unique touch. Infusing their indie rock sound, COIN adds some light running synths that layer behind the vocals giving for a pleasant listen. COIN has done wonders to this classic, adding a modern indie pop/rock feel while still remaining true to the greatness that is Simon & Garfunkel. COIN is revving up a storm behind them and we can't wait to see what they have in store for 2014!

Baby We're OK

Carousel is back after the release of their first EP this summer with their 80s infused single "Into The Night". This L.A. based duo has proved promising in the return of 80s electronic music. "Into The Night" pushes forward with a dance beat that only fits a late night drive looking up at the stars. Giving us and indie electronic sound similar to Holy! Ghost, these guys have been making some noise. They are set to jump on board with one of our favorites, French Horn Rebellion, to tour Cali this December. Their first EP Palms caused a stir, but their second EP feels like it will put them on the map and send them skyrocketing to success.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Stole a Heart of Gold

Last week duo We The Wild dropped their debut EP and everything about them is the best of the best. Their song "Float" proves to be one of the greatest things we've heard in a while in the indie rock scene. With the essence of pop infused with a classic alternative sound We The Wild bring everything to the table. Think Arthur Beatrice's mellow sound infused KHUSHI's folkish sound.  We The Wild delivered on this EP and are growing their popularity fast. Schedule as openers for Dan Croll on November 26, these guys are getting the exposure they deserve. Can't wait to see where these guys go. Hopefully a Vol. 2 EP in 2014 filled with more sounds we love to hear.

Bygones Be Bygones

Being extremely late on this one, we finally came across Norwegian artist Emilie Nicolas and her cover of the DumDum Boys' "Pstereo", and we are happy that this came across our desk through a recommendation by one of our favorites, Ana Yanez. Emilie Nicolas does wonders on this cover, channeling a classic European 90s-pop sound that shatters walls. With the banging R&B beat that reminds us of the production on Marlene ∞, her voice shines to the sun and enlightens the heart. Everything about Emilie screams super star. Dropping some original songs in the past, she has signed to Sony Music Norway and we can only hope that her full fledged debut will occur in 2014. For now we get this perfect Scandinavian, ABBA-like tune!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just Start Walking

Brisbane band, MTNS, caused quite a stir with their first single "Lost Track of Time", and now they are back with the perfect Cali-coast road trip track "Salvage". With a very mellow synth sound behind the powerhouse sound that turns and churns into oblivion, the track paints a remembrance of the long hot days of summer. The sun and the road in front of us with the top down speeding at 75 mph is all we can see while listening to this perfectly crafted piece. Something about them remind us off a new version of Lovelife. With the  we add the chillness of MTNS to the list of the best pop from Australia.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just Your Bones

Holy hell have we found someone who's ready to one of the biggest upcoming game changers. Australian singer Meg Mac delivers an unforgettable track "Every Lie" and may we say after listening to it we were jumping around like little kids. Meg Mac has the soulful sounds similar to Gavin Degraw, mixed with the emotional heartbreak of Alex Winston. What sets Meg apart from others is her voice that shatters your soul and makes you cry a little at how perfect it is, almost like Tove Lo. Meg Mac's sound is perfect in the sense that its familiar yet oh so different. She gives us the classic soul singing that we are familiar with from past artists, but something about her raw talent sets her apart from all the others and escalates her to the top. She's definitely one to watch in the coming year.

Begging For You

Australian band Foreign/National dropped their single "Paris" off of their upcoming EP. Foreign/National first started off writing demos earlier this spring, and now are finally ready for some solid releases. "Paris" gives off the indie rock vibes we love of Local Natives and Alt-J, with a major emphasis on 90s feel. Their sound has a sense of playfulness, like a day at the beach. With the psych guitars that scream Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foreign/National might just be onto something. Take a listen to "Paris" below and be on the look out for their EP dropping early in 2014.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things That You've Done

One of the greatest collaborations just happened down between two Australian artists. Flume and Chet Faker have combined their unstoppable sounds and have given us "Drop The Game" off of their collaborative EP Lock Jaw. Mixing a soulful folk melody on top of some exuberant synths, Chet and Flume has made us melt and just as happy as hell. The result of this collaboration has left us with a haunting tune that we can't get out of our heads. Almost like the soundtrack to a hot day, we feel the heat and if these two work together more often things are going to start burning, in the best ways. Lock Jaw drops this Friday via Future Classic.

Since You Let Me Go

We've got another artist for you to be on the look out. Martha Brown, or better known as Banoffee, brings us her second offering "Reign Down" after her much acclaimed debut single "Ninja". "Reign Down" speaks for itself; by the end you want to bow down to this future Australian princess of pop. Produced by Oscar Key Sung, who we brought to you last week, Banoffee brings the attitude of Lily Allen and the powerhouse sound of MØ. She mixes "fuzzy" synths with some "wonky" R&B beats, allowing her to craft a sound that breaks barriers and comes at your ears in full fledge force that you are left speechless and wanting more. Don't fret when you reach the end of "Reign Down"; Banoffee will be dropping her debut EP in early 2014, thus marking her inevitable takeover.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Believe In It Too Much

Ever since Panama dropped "Always", we've been adding more bands as household names we see ever day here at Oblivious Pop. Another one we are currently adding to our list of ones to watch is FLAMINGO. Coming to us from Australia, this 3-piece band brings some smooth grooves to the table with "Heart, My". With an almost experimental dance feel similar to Washed Out, we get that soulful voice similar to BASECAMP's front man. There's so much going on from the inevitable synth sound mixed with an occasional oriental feel. This song makes us feel like we are kings sitting on top of a mountain with a clear sky above us, looking at the world below us. They give an almost haunting feel with this trans-infused masterpiece. We can't wait to hear more from these guys, hopefully, in 2014.

Grasping At Quicksand

We're not entirely sure why it has taken so long for Budo to show up on our radar, but the day has finally come and we are so excited to be hearing his music. There has been a lot of experimentation in music lately, but Budo has experimented and discovered a unique sound that he works effortlessly in "Barcelona". Channeling a cross mix of jazzy trumpets and smooth R&B, Budo tosses in some buzzing synths along with a Mike Posner-like melody that is almost between rap and sung. The smooth vibes pick up for a sick drop towards the end that still holds tight to the trumpets, but throws in some more dance features. If Budo keeps up with what he's doing here, there might just be a major break through for him in 2014 with perfectly unique tunes he's been dishing out.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Waste Any Time

We've been searching for our party song of Fall 2013 to go out and have a good time to and we may have just found that with Lincoln Jesser's "Something Right" that dropped last week! Coming to us from L.A., Lincoln knows how to write a true hit. Using an exceptional synth sound that reminds us of Neon India, Lincoln Jesser adds some moody disco feels, and he's got a hit on his hands. With a great dance beat, we can picture this being the playlist to a night on the town dancing on a rooftop with the NYC skyline in the background. Don't waste any time and be sure to add Lincoln Jesser to your party playlist!

I Need A Russian

Every once in a while there comes an artist with lyrics so unique and mysterious that people go crazy. This year it was the fabulous Lorde, and now up and coming artist Laurel has been making strides as well. Between these two there is a another new-comer named Fe, and she is throwing some magic into her music to launch herself into a sustainable career. Coming to us from London, Fe gives us her latest work "Mother Russia". With a voice so smooth and light, there lies an underlying sense of seduction. Think Lana Del Rey meets Laurel. With a little buzz in 2013, Fe is setting herself up for some amazing things in 2014 and we can't wait to see what is to come. She's definitely going to be dropping more music that's going to make everyone talk!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just Want Vicodin

Raleigh Ritchie has been prepping for his upcoming EP release at the beginning of the new year, and today he drops another song off of it, "Free Fall". Raleigh Ritchie absolutely channels 90s R&B with a hip hop beat in the chorus. With lyrics that dive deep into the listeners soul, Raleigh's music has been breaking barriers. Like TLC meets John Legend, perfection has been created with every aspect of this song.  Raleigh Ritchie might just be the person who can bring R&B back into the pop sphere. He's got the perfect soulful voice to do so and there's no doubt that that 'Black and Blue' is going to put him on the map for sure.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nobody Home

Up and coming soul master Bo Saris is back with "Little Bit More" and damn did he give everyone a lot bit more on this track. With a irresistibly catchy whistle at the beginning, Bo Saris delivers some blues to us. There is so much in his sound that reminds us of Amy Winehouse's heartbreak blues, and Bruno Mars 60s sound. We can't help but picture him in an intimate jazz club singing in front of a full jazz quartet making all the women in the audience swoon. Bo Saris might just have what it takes to push Bruno Mars out of the spot light and come running full force at Justin Timberlake as the ladies man. He definitely is one to watch!

Will It Be Enough?

The electronic R&B scene has been the hot thing lately. With artists like BASECAMP making strides at combining electronic music with soul, there have been few who have grasped the perfect balance of the two. Oscar Key Sung does just that on "All I Could Do". Combining a hip hop sounding dance beat in the realm of Azealia Banks style, Oscar brings the soul and electronic feel that balances all sides perfectly. Its not too R&B, but its not a full club banger where you can go crazy and fist pump your way all the way through. Reigning from Australia, we add Oscar Key Sung to our list of the phenomenal artists coming to us from Australia with his perfect masterpiece. The best part of the whole song is how right when you think its about to end, it breaks into an even bigger sound, leaving the listener wanting more.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

All So Well Now

The constant powerhouse that is Sweden has given us yet another artist who is son irresistibly creative. Channeling the newly created genre dream pop, NIVA gives us his latest release "Forest View". NIVA isn't entirely new, but he is new on our radar, known for his great remixes of some other indie artists. With the simplistic electronics of NONONO, NIVA adds a melody that graces the chill-reflex, somewhat how PLOY creates their music. NIVA perfectly depicts an exploration of the wilderness as he explores a new genre that is slowly growing to become the next big-thing in music.

Silent Explosions

Neon Gold Records graces the world with their latest release with Miami Horror today. We heard the first single off of this A-side 7"single, "Slow", but now we finally get a listen to the lead track "Colours In The Sky". The title of the track explains every bit of the listening experience. With a lead in sounding like Wildcat! Wildcat! with some classy synths, the song builds into what reminds us of a Passion Pit-"Take A Walk" beat. the classic sound of the vocals on this track mixed with the modern-sounding synth masterpiece, perfectly builds this masterpiece. This track is perfect for some casual twirling, almost like the perfect soundtrack to a summer night.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Holding On For Life

Last week, Broken Bells dropped their latest single "Holding On For Life". This Los Angeles duo dropped their debut LP back in 2010, but now they are back with more great sounds. We love the 70s rock sound they channel. Something about them reminds us of The Eagles sound on "Hotel California", but with a modern twist. Broken Bells' sophomore album, After The Disco", is slated to drop at the beginning of next year, but after listening to this masterpiece we are definitely looking forward to watching these guys to start blowing up again.

Hold On Tight

With Australia being the big powerhouse this year of indie pop for 2013, we've been getting a feeling that 2014 may just be the year that the UK starts taking over by giving some great breakout artists. One artist that we think will definitely be making a major breakout in 2014 is Manou. Her debut single "Sadie" dropped late in October and ever since has been creating quite the buzz. With her unique R&B sound, she channels a voice similar to Ellie Goulding. She's currently working with producer PNUT who's past works consist of Foxes, Amy Winehouse, and Dido. With a hit producer behind her, she's on the right track to creating some great hits that will only make her sky rocket to the tops of the charts. You better be on the look out for this girl.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Don't Need Saving

This week we give you  a remix of one of our favorite songs, "2025" by Until The Ribbon Breaks". ALFi takes this glorious masterpiece and turns it into a smooth jam that you can't help but bop your head to. With a subtle beginning that builds for the first minute and half breaking into a ODESZA sounding building to the end. We typically aren't that big of a fan of remixes, but every once in a while we come across some great sounds that are and we can't help but write about them. If you're feeling more remixes of Until The Ribbon Breaks head on over to his Soundcloud page where there is a mass abundance of great jams.

Are You A Vampire?: Frances Rose

If you missed it last night, Frances Rose performed at the Paper Box deep in East Williamsburg. I've been dying to see this sister duo and finally see that they were playing a show I had to check them out. Frances Rose did an amazing job, working their unique sound of riveting guitars over dance-beats of the 80s/90s. These girls definitely are beginning to start some buzz about themselves. With the release of their song "Vampire" over a year ago, Frances Rose has been laying low, but hopefully there will be some new music from these girls in the next 6 months. For now we'll just play "Vampire" on repeat until then.

I Won't Lie!

The Holidays are making quite the buzz with "Voices Drifting", their first single off of their sophomore album, and now they are back with the second single "All Time High". Giving a psychedelic feel with the classic 90s guitars and raving synths this song is definitely we can see ourself jamming to at Lollapalooza with the Chicago skyline in the background. These guys are delivering the best music we've seen in a long time and if these guys are planning on playing the festival circuit this next year we might just cry. Take a listen below and be sure to pick up a copy of their debut album when it drops.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

When You're Not Drunk

Swedish singer Marlene ∞ made a splash on the blog scene with her song "Bon Voyage" at the end of the summer. We didn't know much about Marlene and now we are discovering more about her and the team that worked with her to create a major hit. One of her team members behind the hit, and friend, is Ji Nilsson. Ji Nilsson has decided to release some of her own music with her song "I'm Her". Ji Nilsson has a flawless voice that shines above the R&B sound that drives the song forward. With every listen we release more and more how much talent this girl has. Writing a sure-fire hit, Ji Nilsson is one to add to your list of must watch artists. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of her not only from working with Marlene ∞, but with releasing her own music. Just sit back, hit play, and let the music speak for itself.

Why Don't I Fit

Swedish girl duo is gearing up for their newest EP release, Better In The Dark. Dropping the lead single in October, these girls are flaunting more of their flawless music with "Beloved". "Better In The Dark" had a bit more of a upbeat feel, but "Beloved" channels the chilling sounds of heartbreak we know them so well for on their last EP. With perfect echoing vocals that soar into a powerful chorus full of heart breaking sadness. Channeling the feelings of a relationship that you want to work so badly, but something just isn't working signifies the line "why don't I fit". Say Lou Lou is on the verge of being a major Swedish powerhouse. Better In The Dark drops on November 25 via Itunes or 7" vinyl.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Put Your Ass On A Flight For Free

We can never forget our neighbors to the north and the great music they have been able to give us. Canadian band, First Rate People, are doing just that with their song "The Sweet Hereafter". Giving off a little funk of Joywave mixed with the disco vibes of Pleasure Curses, First Rate People give us a song that makes you want to dance and maybe throw some shit of your ex's out the window for the time that you've spent trying to please them. The lyrics have that angst and power similar to MAUSI and it just continues to build to the very end. We love how First Rate People have that ability to make you laugh by the almost hilarious lyrics, but at the same time it makes you think about how realistic they are. First Rate People's latest album Everest dropped yesterday and is available for purchase on their bandcamp.

Blood Rushes Round

The UK music scene is beginning to dish out some amazing artists who are breaking barriers with the style of music they are creating. One of these artists, who in our opinion is going far and beyond average pop, is Sasha Keable. Sasha comes to us from London and gives us her song "Daydreams" off of her Black Book EP. The title of the sound speaks for the sound itself. With some slick synths that add a sense of levitation to the sound. Sasha Keable gives a soulful, British voice, similar to the stylings of Oyinda and Mapei. Basically, all we want to do is shut the lights off in the room, blast this song, and daydream our days away. Add this one to your list of artist making their invasion into the indie pop scene.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cries Like A Drama Queen

Hayden Calnin comes to us from Melborne Calnin with a sound that left us awe struck on his lastest release "Coward". Taking an electronic spin on folk music, Hayden channels simplistic verses where the depth-defying lyrics similar to Lorde soar. The chorus break into a heavy, drum-driven electronic symphony which reminds us of Miike Snow. Hayden adds his folk influences, which rise to the top throughout the entire song through his voice. This Aussie has created the perfect mixture creating music that has so much depth yet is so easy to play on repeat. For being at it for a little over a year, Hayden definitely has struck gold with his new track.

When I'm Feeling Down

We have an artist you better be ready to be playing on repeat for the rest of 2013 with his song "Drivin Me Crazy". Astronomyy comes to us from the UK and his sound is the perfect combination of electronic-rock. With the electronic beats and chillness of BASECAMP, his lyricism screams the stylings of Lorde. There's a sense of soul, that reigns in the realm of our beloved MØ. Astronomyy hit the ground hard with "Don't Need You" earlier this year, but with "Driving Me Crazy" he drives forward creating his own unique sound that will only lead him to success. For now its time to sit back and get your soulful chill-on with Astronomyy.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mean It In The Nicest Way

Raleigh Ritchie has been breaking barriers with his music ever since he broke onto the music scene earlier this year. We wrote about Raleigh Ritchie last month, and last week he just dropped his latest song "Overdose". With some smooth rhymes in the verses, similar to Drake and Kendrick Lamar, he breaks into a John Legend sounding chorus with all of his soul. These entities combined create a song you just can't help but jam out to. With some heart felt lyrics, and phenomenal production by Sounwave, this Brit is on his way to some super stardom within the next year. Perhaps there's some potential he could surpass Drake. Be on the look out for this one.

Survive In Your Heart

After hearing "Blue Blood" and "Mankind", London's own sweetheart Laurel has dropped her latest single "Fire Breather" and we are literally bouncing off the walls. With a somewhat pounding tribal like beat, Laurel's vocals soar to the skies as the light synths in the chorus drop things down. With lyrics that are like a soundtrack to a rainy car drive, we can't help to fall more in love with the song. There is a sense of lust throughout the song and it continues to build to the very end. Laurel has been on our radar for a long time and we are so happy to finally be getting more amazing music from her. She definitely has a minimalistic sound, but her depth-defying vocals are what shine through. Laurel also released a B-side called "The Desert", available on her Soundcloud along side "Fire Breather" for free. Laurel will also be making her debut performance by supporting MS MR this tuesday at the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire in London. All we can say is expect a major blow up from this little sweetheart. Her voice and lyrics are going to be her star quality.

Friday, November 1, 2013

An Actual Jerk

If you've ever seen MS MR live (I've seen them 7 times live and no I don't have a problem) you have heard them make the audience swoon with melodic dream pop sound. They always stray away from their originals and give the audience a treat by covering some of their favorite songs and LCD Soundsystem's "Dance Yrself Clean" is one of them. After months of waiting for this cover to finally be released in a recording, we get what we have been dying for. Adding their own personal touch to this hit, MS MR does no wrong. They stick with their unique fantasy sounds and work it hard. Lizzy's voice sounds perfect on this track like the pop goddess she is. The overall production of the track kills. Now go take a listen to this perfect cover and "Dance Yrself Clean".

Aussie Outback

We've got a little treat for you all today! We compiled our favorite song from Australian singers and put them into one playlist. From the land down under, where indie pop music reigns, this playlist will surely get you going. Take a listen and play it in your car. We'll be having more playlists premiere soon.