Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When The Night

The album that we have been waiting so long for is finally here! St. Lucia has finally released their debut album When The Night and this is some epic shit! The album starts off with the cinematic glittering sound that is St. Lucia. "The Night Comes Again" is the perfect song to start off this album. It sets the listener up for the journey they will experience when listening to St. Lucia, giving us the funky sounds we love of St. Lucia. The album flows perfectly to the second song "The Way You Remember Me". St. Lucia captures the perfect 80s song with the thumping beat. We basically picture an 80s prom with all the big hair and all of the broken hearts with the perfect happy ending. Giving us a taste of some familiarity, St. Lucia elevates us with their hit single "Elevate". Giving us the perfect drum fills and the uplifting chorus we always love this song more and more each time we listen to it. "Wait For Love" takes things to a different level with the jungle drums and an exotic feel. This song is perfect for relaxing on the beach. "All Eyes On You" might just be the perfect pop song. Giving us perfect lyrics that so so simple, but have such a deeper meaning. The balance of a slower beat and light synths make this song so up-lifting, almost as if you're on a cloud. And then that sax solo! That what really gets us on this song! It channels so many great things of 80s pop music while still making it relevant in the 21st century! Continuing on the more chill pop tunes, St. Lucia gives us "Closer Than This". This song was featured on their EP, but it fits perfectly in this album. "Call Me Up" gives us an otherworldly feel. With light synths that don't over power the vocals and the relaxed vibe makes this song something to relax to. The beat picks up with "We Got It Wrong", which in our opinion is one of our favorite songs off of their EP and we are so happy it made it onto the album. Perfect dance song! Continuing with some of their best known songs, St. Lucia gives us "September" which captures everything that we know about St. Lucia; the building synth and a melody that takes you on a journey. Finally, towards the end of the album, we get a "Too Close", their new single! This song is pure pop infusion with inferno of dance beats! It's the perfect single for this album to showcase what St. Lucia does best. The album ends on the title track, "When The Night". Starting off gentle the song builds on none other than the 80s dance music that is St. Lucia. The vocals are pure and honestly this was the best song to end the album with. Perfect in every way giving us a buildup to the end and then a calm end, leaving us wanting more!

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You can tell St. Lucia put so much time and effort into perfecting this album. When The Night is the perfect pop album of 2013. There is no one who can deny it. Way to go St. Lucia. You have reach pop god status!


  1. Loved When The Night!! Such a good album!

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