Friday, October 4, 2013


With Snack has finally dropped their debut EP Snacktime and it is a wonderful whirlwind of everything pop mixed with the perfect amount of jazz. We've been following With Snack ever since they performed at NYU's UVL showcase, which is known best for Lady Gaga coming in second place and actually using that as a major starting point in her rise to super stardom. Anyways, With Snack is ready to infiltrate your headphones with their smooth jazz sounds. We love how much they really do remind us of Michael Bublé, but the lyrics are on a Jason Mraz level that gets your heart pumping. Our favorite song off of the EP is opener titled "New Soul". It gives the perfect combination of rock, pop, and jazz! Way to go guys! You have killed it with this EP and we can't see where this will take them. With Snack is performing tonight at The Bitter End. Click here for more information on the show.

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