Friday, October 25, 2013

I Know You Love Me

Minneapolis gone Brooklyn band Manicanparty dropped their latest, self-titled EP this week this week. One track that really jumped out at us when we sat down and took a listen was "Farewell". Mancianparty has the lyrical stylings similar to Alex Winston's twisted but magical lyrics mixed with the vocal potential of Florence and the Machine. With the electronic break downs that Ellie Goulding is known best for mixed with the jungle-like beats in the verse, the song builds, soaring to the skies above. Manicanparty have used their inspirations and put them all towards creating a sound that is truly unique and their own. I have no doubt that this duo will be making huge strides to stardom in the indie pop realm. I'm absolutely hoping that these guys are being looked at for playing the festival scene this year. If so, they will be on my must-see list!
Manican Party will be playing their EP release show here in NYC at the Rockwood Music Hall.

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