Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Yesterday proved to be a pretty epic day in releases. Part of the epicness that was yesterday was the streaming of HAERTS EP Hemiplegia on Spotify, a week before the release date. Capturing the perfect sound of an 80s rock goddess, the band gives us this perfect 21st century version of it. The EP starts off with the title track Hemiplegia and it is no doubt the best way to start off with. It provides the perfect balance of the electronic mixed with pop rock. "Wings", HAERTS' first single, takes us into a realm of familiarity giving us soaring melody. "All For You" captures a slower, heartfelt side of HAERTS. Finally, HAERTS leaves us with their second single "All the Days" which reminds us so much of an 80s rock song with the rolling guitars and powerful vocals. We give HAERTS a 9/10 for this EP. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. Hopefully a full length album which will allow for us to get a full experience of what they have to offer, but for now we have Hemiplegia which will satisfy us for now. 

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