Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bikini Daze

We are so excited to finally be getting some new music from MØ with her new EP Bikini Daze! This dreampop masterpiece delivers everything we love. She gives us the soulfulness we seek, but she brings the attitude we so desperately loved from "Pilgrim". Channeling the horn section sound as well, it only builds on everything. She starts the EP with "XXX 888" which reminds us almost of a spiced up version of "Pilgrim". She then takes things on a softer note with "Never Wanna Know" with the chiming bells that scream 80s pop ballad. MØ takes us back to the "Pilgrim" days with "Dark Night" which channels the piercingly dark lyrics that make you feel the pain. Finally, bringing the EP to a close she gives us "Freedom (#1)", which brings things back down to a slower tempo. Almost reaching the point of an acoustic set, MØ keeps us on our toes with the anticipation of the song breaking into a strong up beat, but instead we get even stronger and more powerful soulful vocals. MØ did an excellent job on this EP and we can't wait to see what's in store for her in the future. We're a little sad that "Pilgrim" didn't continue onto this EP but at the same time we are super excited knowing she's moving forward into superstardom.
To stream MØ's EP on Pitchfork click here.

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