Thursday, October 31, 2013

Burry This Fantasy

Writing the perfect sound track to lay under the stars, Fractures gives us "Cadence". Fractures, also known as Mark Zito, gives us this luminescent sound that gives a sense of infinity. With the chill vibes like CATHEDRALS,  this Australian is creating some perfect sounds. Starting off with a simple jazz piano sound, it builds in a the relaxed beat and wondrous guitars. Leading to the final build up of the repetitious "I've got you stuck on my mind and its driving me crazy" which is perfect in every way possible. Be sure keep Fractures on your radar; there's no doubt that there will more music coming. w 

Stay Tonight

After making an enormous splash earlier this month with their song "Always", Panama is back with another song off their latest EP "How We Feel". Still sticking with the indie electronic pop sound, they slow things down a bit, adding more of a soulful R&B feel similar to Shy Girls. The 70s disco-funk vibe is present, but with the acoustic piano centered towards the back of the production it adds a sense nostalgia, adding an element that makes us swoon. Panama is hitting it hard with some amazing tracks of their latest EP. This one is definitely a band to keep your eyes on as they pile on more buzz onto what is already a great start.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't Need To Breathe

Dark, mood synth pop music has been the name of the game this year and The Flavr Blue brings us more of this sulky music. Having just dropped their EP Bright Vices, The Flavr Blue has been sending some great music across the sound waves via Seattle. Their misty music of the northwest coincides with the electronic sounds of Skin Town and ASTR headed with a a female singer who's vocals are are pristine as Marlene ∞. This Northwest trio will be gracing NYC with on November 15th at the Mercury Lounge where they are sure to make a bit of a buzz with all of their chillness.

Try To Apologize

It's only fitting that Halloween is tomorrow and we are writing about RÁJ's "Ghost" and the Ghost Loft Remix. Ghost Loft takes an eerie step on RÁJ's with electronic darkness. Ghost Loft comes to us from LA, with their almost Lovelife sound. RÁJ has a most acousitic-pop feel. Combining these two into a remix was perfect and Ghost Loft did wonders on making this perfect. We can't wait to see what is in store for RÁJ and Ghost Loft. Hopefully some more great music will come soon from both sides of this remix.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Break Ya Down

Bo Saris has been doing some great things ever since his release of "She's On Fire". Now he dropped his latest single "The Addict" about 2 months ago and this song is everything right in pop music. Bo Saris to us is almost like the male Amy Winehouse, both reigning from London. Mixing the bluesy sounds of Bruno Mars with the unmistakably dreamy voice of Justin Timberlake, Bo is definitely a pop god in the making. Bo might just have what it will take to bring bluesy 60s pop music back into the spotlight. Hopefully there is some future releases up his sleeve, but for now we have this "The Addict" to fill our hearts.

Crystal Tears

There's no doubt that the folk scene has been a growing factor in pop music ever since Mumford and Sons had their first number one. Now we are seeing a massive blow up of great artist creating amazing folk music that break the barriers. Ásgeir comes to us from Iceland, one of the greatest areas for folk music to come from. In his song "King and Cross", off of his latest album In the Silence, Ásgeir combines the folk sounds of similar to Bear's Den and adds a Miike Snow spin on it with the playful synth in the chorus. Ásgeir is doing everything right with a sold out shows in Scandinavian countries. He's definitely bound to be a super star in Europe, and hopefully, he will make a splash here in the U.S. soon. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dignity Comes First

Earlier this month we covered Josef Salvat's "Hustler" and now he's back with a new single "Every Night". Taking a different approach from "Hustler", Josef has created the perfect 90s sounding track. Channeling the simplistic rock sound of U2, Josef Salvat voice flawlessly soars to the highest levels of perfection. Showing us his glamourous falsetto, he's not afraid to hit some bassy notes that other musicians would otherwise avoid. Josef is doing pop music right with a great single already making a splash and now "Every Night", which will definitely push him past barriers. Josef Salvat is currently prepping for a double-single release via Fingers and Thumbs out December 9th. His release will include "Every Night".

Revolution from Dissolution

Dark dream pop of MS MR meets the girl power pop of MØ; thats what has happened with the new remix of MS MR's "Fantasy" by MØ. Throwing in her personal touch of angst and a simple guitar line that gives off the sounds of Denmark, MØ has created one of the best remixes of MS MR we have ever heard. Not staying away from the dark sounds of MS MR, we feel like things have hit a new level with this version. After dropping her latest EP last week titled Bikini Daze, MØ has been going hard touring in the UK and now in Australia. We are still desperately waiting for the days that MØ graces us with her presence in the U.S. Hopefully, she will team up with MS MR for their next tour since it almost happened on MS MR's Decadence of Decay tour which just wrapped up the US leg this last week. For now listen to MØ beautiful remix of MS MR and hope someday we will be seeing these two together.

Pennies By The Lake

Dark and heartfelt is the game for Denai Moore. Her song "The Lake" captures all aspects of the perfect soundtrack to a rainy day. Denai's music has a sense of Oyinda and WET with an emphasis on the acoustics and the classic ways of creating a moody song. Her voice speaks the true power of pop. She is currently playing shows in the UK and will be supporting Half Moon Run on November 22 in Manchester, so for all of you UK readers you should definitely check that show out!

Friday, October 25, 2013

I Know You Love Me

Minneapolis gone Brooklyn band Manicanparty dropped their latest, self-titled EP this week this week. One track that really jumped out at us when we sat down and took a listen was "Farewell". Mancianparty has the lyrical stylings similar to Alex Winston's twisted but magical lyrics mixed with the vocal potential of Florence and the Machine. With the electronic break downs that Ellie Goulding is known best for mixed with the jungle-like beats in the verse, the song builds, soaring to the skies above. Manicanparty have used their inspirations and put them all towards creating a sound that is truly unique and their own. I have no doubt that this duo will be making huge strides to stardom in the indie pop realm. I'm absolutely hoping that these guys are being looked at for playing the festival scene this year. If so, they will be on my must-see list!
Manican Party will be playing their EP release show here in NYC at the Rockwood Music Hall.

Don't Use Words

Coming at us today with some bubbly pop music from the UK is MAUSI. MAUSI released their latest single "Body Language" last week and it gives a mix of the bubble gum pop of Gwen Stefani solo days with the playfulness of the evolving electronic sound of pop music today. MAUSI's sound reminds us of the lovely holychild with its playfulness and readiness to get people up and dancing. I mean come on! The song literally says "Don't speak" and to use your body language. In other words it means dance like crazy! MAUSI is currently touring in their home country of the United Kingdom, but we are hoping that after that they take a the leap across the pond and come play some shows here in NYC! 

Drown Together

We've been coming across a high influx of increasingly unique pop artist from the UK in the past couple of weeks. Of course there is that continuous influx of artist from Australia, but Raleigh Ritchie has added yet another artist to watch from the UK. Starting his song "In Too Deep" with a electronic influenced R&B like BASECAMP and Until the Ribbon Breaks, he builds into a smoother rhythm with vocals as lucid as John Legend. Raleigh Ritchie is rising with the ranks of the best in the soulful, electro R&B genre and we can't wait to see what's in store for him next.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Not Gonna Wait

In the aftermath of CMJ, Shy Girls has given us some new music to help sooth our broken hearts. Shy Girls gives us their new masterpiece "Second Heartbeat" and it gives us all the smooth grooves we could ask for. Channeling the soulful R&B vocals of R Kelly, Shy Girls gives a little funk in the relm of French Horn Rebellion. Sky Girls played some great shows at CMJ and is definitely on the right track. Hoping he gets back out on the road and plays some mores shows here in NYC soon!

Something in the Water

In the span of three years Olympic Ayres has dropped three EPs. With their third release, Episode III, comes their disco driven song "Magic". Coming to us from Sydney, Australia, this duo has a similar sound to their Aussie friends Panama. With this, they absolutely have a sound that dips into the disco realm that Viceroy and French Horn Rebellion channel in "Friday Nights". The mixture of the two show us that Aussies know how to give some great disco dance music, while still staying strong in the indie scene. Head on over to their band camp to check out their full EP, Episode III.

Harvest Lover

It's only fitting for Fall to have a perfect Fall song. Gossling brings us "Harvest of Gold" and it's only fitting for the season. With her perfect voice that sounds so playful, it adds a sense of eeriness in preparations for Halloween. Having just made her U.S. premiere last week at CMJ, Gossling is prepping her for the release of her latest LP. Definitely representing the Pop scene of Australia, Gossling channels a small bit of folk in her music. We definitely see a similarity between her and Little May just with more emphasis on different parts of the Pop Folk scene. Gossling's LP Harvest of Gold drops onto Itunes on November 1st. Prepare for a destine to be flawless album from her.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thoughts I Hold

Ever since we first wrote about SEAWAVES back in September, we have been dying for them to release some new music. We finally figured out why nothing had been dropped by them in a while; they were collaborating with Skywide on his debut album You Leave With The Tide on City By Night Records. One of the songs that SEAWAVES collaborates with Skywide on is "Balladeer". Grasping the luminescent sounds of M83 mixed with the electronic sound of ODESZA, the music has an everlasting building similar to Passion Pit. Skywide has done an amazing job at creating something unique. To listen to Skywide's album in full head over to his Souncloud page.

I Got This Burning

We love the ever lasting sound of a indie rock group that has that thing that pushes them past the boundaries. La Plage might just be that band that has that quality to run far beyond any competition to rise to the top. Coming to us from Beligum, this four piece band channels an undeniable Two Door Cinema Club feel, while channeling the girl power of Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We love how La Plage switches things up at the very end, giving a acoustic folk feel, grasping the sweet childish voice of Gossling that is so desirable. If La Plage delivers another song like this, we could be seeing them rise to stardom in the upcoming year!

Throw It All Away

Australia may be the big and upcoming market right now, but it doesn't mean Sweden isn't stopping its production of amazing pop artist and bands. Today, we bring you Kids on the Run, reigning from the same land as Mons Montis, Uppsala. Channeling the folk craze of Mumford and Sons on their song "Lies Beyond", Kids on the Run give an indie approach to it similar to Bear's Den. The nostalgic lyrics dance over the mountain music. Kids on the Run have really put together a solid line of songs and "Lies Beyond" is definitely a major hit among us. We absolutely have high hopes for this Scandinavian folk group.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dream All Day

Say Lou Lou came across our radar earlier this summer with their song "Julian" and "Fool of Me". This Swedish girl duo channels a different type of sound than the Swedish dance queens Icona Pop. Their music gives a sense of darkness, hurt, and betrayal. Their past releases have typically been slower feeling. In their newest song "Better In The Dark" the girls take a different approach to their music, giving us an upbeat song, while still channeling their spacious sound. Clearly channeling a verses, the chorus soars to the skies with their flawless vocals. Say Lou Lou is doing it all right with a collaboration with break-out producer Goldroom and now dropping a phenomenal music. These girls have the world in their hand and things are only going to go up for them! 

Too Late Now?

We've been starting to dip our toes deeper into the water of the UK indie pop scene lately, allowing for a small break from the ever lasting flow of amazing indie pop artist coming to us from Australia. Today, we bring you the melodic stylings of RHODES. Channeling a folk stylings of Arthur Beatrice, RHODES adds a touch of KHUSHI's indie rock vibes creating some musical colors in his latest release "Worry". With a minimalistic sound, the vocals sore far beyond what we would expect! RHODES upcoming EP Raise Your Love comes out in the UK on October 27, but you can preorder it on Itunes here.

Take It From You

Washington D.C. duo, Pleasure Curses, dropped their latest work title "Bounce Above" about a month ago. They recently came across our radar not as a new band, but as a band who has had numerous releases in their past. We love the minimalistic sound with the disco feel of Holy! Ghost. It feels like Pleasure Curses definitely believe in the idea that bigger isn't always better and it totally works for them. Put your dancing shoes on and get down on the dance floor.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Won't Play Your Hide & Seek

We all remember those days where the Dixie Chicks were exploding on the air waves and causing a riot with their record label problems, but those days are on their way out. On the plus side, we might have just found the new version of the Dixie Chicks, a indie pop trio called Little May. Little May comes to us from the south, but not the south we are all thinking of; they reign from the land down-under with their powerful vocals that only push these girls into a realm unheard of. Giving us a little mixture of Gossling's music thrown in with the folk sounds of Tigertown, Little May has some great potential to climb to the top. Check out their latest song "Hide" below and be ready for these girls to take over with their great Australia power.

I'd Be Alone

Stockholm girl Mapei has released her first single, "Don't Wait", recently. We love the sound Mapei has created. Almost like a cross over of a Swedish version of Lorde, mixed with the sounds of Oyinda and the soul of Keri Hilson, Mapei delivers an organic sound. This girl has got some talent and has proven so with a deal from Downtown Records. Look for Mapei because we have a feeling she's gonna be making a pretty big break through within the next year.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Are You?

Add another great band to your list of must-see bands because the Darcys are basically making a storm here in the US during CMJ. Coming to us from Toronto, we are starting to finally discover some great music coming from other places than Australia. The Darcys bring a folky feel to the indie rock sound that is similar to the X Ambassadors. With this we get the perfect lyrics that remind us so much of the Local Natives. The Darcys have been hitting up CMJ and they have been going hard. Tonight is the Darcys last show during CMJ at Spike hill, so head out and don't miss this chance to see them live!

What You Want

WET has finally dropped their debut EP via Neon Gold Records this week. Sticking with their usual chill sound, WET delivers us four new songs. Well, one has been already released in the past, but they revamped "You're The Best". We saw WET open for MS MR last month and they put on a great performance. Now, WET is hitting up CMJ making a huge splash. Playing all of the hits from their EP its gonna be great seeing where this trio goes. If you're at CMJ WET is a definite must-see. You better be ready for the dream-team WET to break down barriers in this industry. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Want It So Bad

Last night, we were a little late to getting out to showcases with the new American Horror Story and everything, but we made it out to the Bowery Ballroom to check out the last couple of acts. One of the acts that we fell in love with there was BASECAMP. Giving the perfect mix of R&B and electronic music, BASECAMP didn't disappoint. It may have been 1 in the morning, but they powered through every song putting on an excellent performance for the 30 people that still remained at the venue. Honestly, all of the people who ran out of Bowery Ballroom after Kodaline finished their set missed out on one of the best acts of CMJ. Definitely channeling Until the Ribbon Breaks and a Jaymes Young style, BASECAMP seems to give us something simple, but something so complex and creative; it literally feels like something we haven't seen hit main stream music and BASECAMP definitely have the power to be one of the breakout artists within the next year.

Bikini Daze

We are so excited to finally be getting some new music from MØ with her new EP Bikini Daze! This dreampop masterpiece delivers everything we love. She gives us the soulfulness we seek, but she brings the attitude we so desperately loved from "Pilgrim". Channeling the horn section sound as well, it only builds on everything. She starts the EP with "XXX 888" which reminds us almost of a spiced up version of "Pilgrim". She then takes things on a softer note with "Never Wanna Know" with the chiming bells that scream 80s pop ballad. MØ takes us back to the "Pilgrim" days with "Dark Night" which channels the piercingly dark lyrics that make you feel the pain. Finally, bringing the EP to a close she gives us "Freedom (#1)", which brings things back down to a slower tempo. Almost reaching the point of an acoustic set, MØ keeps us on our toes with the anticipation of the song breaking into a strong up beat, but instead we get even stronger and more powerful soulful vocals. MØ did an excellent job on this EP and we can't wait to see what's in store for her in the future. We're a little sad that "Pilgrim" didn't continue onto this EP but at the same time we are super excited knowing she's moving forward into superstardom.
To stream MØ's EP on Pitchfork click here.

Flame in the Cold

After a huge buzz about his song Embrace, Goldroom is back with his second single, off of his latest EP, "Adalita". With Aussie singer Chela providing some phenomenal vocals on this hot track, Goldroom doesn't disappoint with the production aspects. With the same disco feel that French Horn Rebellion uses, Goldroom is definitely bringing disco back into style and we couldn't be happier. It's great seeing an artist come break out fast with a unique sound that some would call outdated, but we call it totally new and absolutely ground breaking.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Give You A Minute

We are happy to bring you another artist to watch BROODS coming to us from the land of Lorde, New Zealand. There is something said when the majority of the artist we are hearing have phenomenal lyrics. There is Lorde with her alarmingly mature lyrics on her debut album, and now BROODS gives us their phenomenal lyrics with a undeniably perfect voice similar to Cardiknox. Channeling a laid back chill vibe infused electronic flairs, we can't help but say that BROODS will be blowing up in the next year, especially at the rate artist from down under are making a rise to the top of the charts here in the US.

World-Class Gentleman

Pop music has been reaching new depths in what is actually considered pop and with Shy Girls they have taken it to a whole new level. With the chill vibes similar to WET, Shy Girls gives us the R&B stylings of John Legend. "Still Not Falling" gives us so many feels and definitely is a smooth jam for you to get down to. Shy Girls will be playing CMJ tonight at Tammany Hall so be sure to add them to your list of must-see artists!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This Is Your Heart

Last night we received the amazing opportunity to see NONONO play their first US gig here in NYC. The show as put on by Encore! Live Sessions at le Baron Chinatown and it was no doubt a great venue for this Swedish band to make their debut performance. Playing all of our favorites off of their EP they treated us to some new songs. Check out our photos below and be on the look out for this band in the coming months. They are going to blow up big time with a sold out performance this week at Mercury Lounge and then with a show at the hottest party in the USA Neon Gold's Popshop West.




Photos Courtesy of Hanna Armour

Disco Dreams

Germans gives us a new twist on their song "Cruel" today with the Auxiliary tha Masterfader remix. This remix takes us deeper into our smooth disco dreams while throwing a splash of 80s bass which only makes things more danceable. Germans have been making huge strides lately with a performance at CMJ this Friday and a show coming up at Bowery Electric with us on October 29th. For now sit back and fall into your disco dreams.
For more info on German's October 29th show click here.

Let This Go Away

Today we bring to you the stylings of Night Panther's "Delta". With the indie rock sounds of Wildcat! Wildcat! and W∆NR, they throw in the playfulness of Joywave. This trio from Pennsylvania has been slowly releasing music on Soundcloud off of their self-titled album that dropped earlier this year. Night Panther is currently on tour with a few shows this month, including one tonight at The Delancey. So head out and check them out. We love their creativity on "Delta" and hope you do too. Can't wait to see where these guys go.

Hustler's Shame

London singer, Josef Salvat has been working hard this year to drop two really great songs that are putting him on the map. One of these, his song "Hustler" pushed him over the edge into full force acclaim. The video captures the full sexual essence of the songs meanings, but the song itself gives off the minimalistic sound of Lorde mixed with the electronic sounds of ASTR. Josef Salvat has created something mind blowing here. Keep your eyes peeled for him because there will certainly be more success for him in the near future.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mark Your Calendar

We are proud to have worked with Bowery Electric to bring you guys a great line-up on Tuesday, October 29. We have one of our favorite artists to watch Germans performing along side another up and coming band, Dangerous Muse. Both bands capture the essence of electronic music while creating their own unique styles. Tickets are $8 and can be bought at the door. Come out and help us celebrate this huge milestone for Oblivious Pop and jam out to some amazing music. We also will be having a surprise appearance by another upcoming artist. Mark your calendar and come out and party hard!

Tell Me What You See

We are so happy to finally be writing about someone from our home state of Wisconsin. Coming to us from Milwaukee with their perfect electronic dance sound, Kiings gives us "You Can't See Me" featuring Christine Hoberg. Christine's soulful voice, reminding us of MØ, soars flawlessly above the mid-tempo synthetic sounds of Kiings. Kiings channels ODESZA with their mixing of electronic chillness. It's so great to see great music coming to Wisconsin. First it was French Horn Rebellion, and now it is Kiings. Can't wait to see what else in music comes out of the land of cows.

Leave Your Window Open

At the current rate of music we keep getting from Australia we might as well make Oblivious Pop a straight up Australian music blog. Nonetheless, we bring you Sydney natives The Holidays. with their song "Voices Drifting". Giving us the indie rock sound of COIN, these guys bring their own sound to the indie pop game with an emphasis on the rock. With the hard electric guitars and the melody like Black Light Dinner Party we get a full effect of 90s indie pop rock.With this, we highly suggest you add them to your newly extensive list of Australian bands to watch.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Contest Time

CMJ is coming fast and one of our Must-See Artists, NONONO is doing a free show in conjunction with Encore! Live Sessions at le Baron Chinatown on Monday night, October 14th. We have free VIP Tickets for you and a friend for the show! All you have to do is take a picture that shows your love of Oblivious Pop and NONONO and post it in the comments section on the facebook post for the contest. We will stop considering submissions after 3pm today! We will pick our two winners who best show their passion for us and NONONO. Go crazy and be creative. Best of luck to all.

To Enter Click Here

Friday, October 11, 2013

Middle of a Bad Dream

Moody electronic music has been the big thing lately which we have seen through ASTR. We've got more to feed your moody souls with Skin Town's "2Nite". Skin Town reminds us a lot of ASTR, but they channel the disco/dance sounds of Germans a little bit. We love the chill vibe this Los Angeles duo brings to the table. Skin Town is playing shows around LA right now so for now we wait for them to make a jump to touring the east coast.

Coward When It Comes To Love

Lately we have been questioning why all of a sudden there is a huge blow up of great music coming from Australia, but when we really think about it, it was always there; it just took them a while to cross the big Pacific Ocean. Anyways, we are happy that Australia has been a powerhouse in giving us great music. Today, we bring you Panama with their leading track of of their latest EP "Always". We love the chill indie dance thing they have going similar to The Knocks' "Modern Love". They channel the melodic stylings of Tigertown, a Australian band as well, and give us something oh so sweet, but oh so moody sounding. Definitely a great song for a mountain road trip. 

Must-See CMJ Artists (Part V)

And our countdown comes to a close today with our final six must see artists. Be sure to check as many artists as you can next week. If you have a pass take advantage of the free shows, but if you don't have a pass, don't worry. Most of the shows are also ticketed so go support those artists and buy a ticket. Chances are you are helping them buy food, which in return allows them to survive and produce amazing music in the future. We'll be out and about both at the conference and at shows, so keep a look out for us. Chances are you probably won't know who we are and you might just start talking to us and then find out its us. Anyways, best of luck to everyone next week during CMJ. GET READY TO PARTY!

6. Tigertown
Friday, October 18 - Planetary & The Great Escape Party - Pianos
Saturday, October 19 - Sounds Australia Showcase - The Delancy

Tuesday, October 15 - Mercury Lounge - Tickets

4. Little Daylight
Tuesday, October 15 - The Most Definitely & Beautiful Buzz - The Knitting Factory - Tickets
Wednesday, October 16 - All Things Go Showcase - Brooklyn Bowl - Tickets
Thursday, October 17 - New Shapes Showcase - Santos Party House - Tickets

Thursday, October 17 - New Shapes Showcase - Santos Party House - Tickets
Saturday, October 19 - Paradigm Showcase - Bowery Ballroom - Tickets

2. Panama Wedding 
Tuesday, October 15 - Bowery Ballroom - Tickets
Wednesday, October 16 - CAA Showcase - Bowery Ballroom - Tickets
Wednesday, October 16 - Pianos
Thursday, October 17 - New Shapes Showcase - Santos Party House - Tickets
Friday, October 18 - BMI Showcase - The Knitting Factory - Tickets

1. Betty Who
Friday, October 18 - All Things Gold Showcase - The Westway - Tickets

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Feel It In My Head

Today we bring you another artist to watch called WE ARE TWIN. This bunch, coming to us from L.A., has been making a stir with their self titled EP which dropped about a month ago. WE ARE TWIN captures the soulful sounds of the lovely Amy Winehouse and Duffy, they incorporate a sense of indie rock that takes this music to a whole new level. It makes you want to dance, but at the same time it makes you want to sulk from the deep lyrics that touch your heart. Check out their full EP which is streaming on their Soundcloud page and be sure to keep an eye out for these guys.