Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This Is... Icona Pop!

Our Swedish Pop Princesses Icona Pop are finally releasing their long awaited album next week and we have never been more excited. We previewed their album over at Pitchfork and here's what we think about it.
The album starts of strong with their classic hit "I Love It", almost like a reminder of why we love them and all over their girl power! It almost makes us want to actually try driving a car into a bridge just to let anger out one day.
Next, they give us their latest single "All Night" which reminds us that no matter what we can literally do anything! We've always said that this song absolutely has major influences from "I Love It", but over the past couple of months since its release we have fallen in love with it. It's a song we would want as the soundtrack to any night out.
The girls remind us on their third track that nothing is going to stop them in their conquest to dominate the music scene with their song "We've Got The World. Powering together these girls have stormed the charts the past year and this song clearly shows how determined they were. Their girl power proved to pay off. These girls really do have the world!
The girls show their crazy party animals in their song "Ready For The Weekend". This song was featured on their EP they released last year, but was one of the highlights for us off of it. We are happy that this made the cut for the album.
We've all heard the story of how Icona Pop met, basically over a terrible break up, meeting each other at a party, and taking the anger of that break up to  make music together. Through this this they must have released that all they really needed was each other which leads us to their song "Girlfriend". Basically telling everyone all you need in life to be happy is really great friends!
We all heard the Galaxy Remix of their song "In The Stars", but on the studio version these girls channel the 80s rock divas. Giving us this sick 80s beat, we get this phenomenal guitar sound that makes these dance queens rock goddesses.
"On A Roll" continues with this rock influenced turn the album takes on "In The Stars". We love this song because there is so much attitude and the girls aren't afraid to remind us that they are rockstars. Definitely a jam for the car with friends.
On "Just Another Night" we finally get a slower tempo song that really show cases each of the girls individual voices. Giving us this sincere feeling of sadness about a breakup we fall more in love with their pain. There is absolutely a huge ABBA influence on this song and it was the perfect way to go.
The girls start closing the album with "Hold On" and clearly makes us want to hold onto this album. Giving us that ABBA influence again, Icona Pop pleads for their love to not let it go. We feel the production on this song is a little anticlimactic, but it's still a great pop song.
We finally get a taste of something similar to Icona Pop's "Manners" with their song "Light Me Up". Giving us the relaxed grooving beat the girls channel their roots. We love how they are channeling so many different things so far on their album.
The album ends with a song that we have loved ever since we heard them play it at Lollapalooza. "Then We Kiss" is the perfect pop rock dance song that reminds everyone of those crazy nights at the bar when you just want to make out with someone. It's the perfect way to end the album. Way to go girls! You gave us everything we asked for on this album.
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Icona Pop will be finishing their US tour at the end of this month and then will be heading back to Europe to tour. Most shows are sold out, but we are going to their NYC show on Friday so expect a full review of their show with pics on Monday!

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