Friday, September 6, 2013

If You Wait - London Grammar Album Review

One of the albums we've been dying to hear this year is finally out. London Grammar has brought us their debut LP If You Wait and boy have we been waiting. Granted they just released an EP earlier this year, it still feels like we have been waiting a life time! To make things short and sweet, we will be doing a quick blurb about each song and an overall rating. Short. Simple. Sweet. and to the point. It's everything you for an album review. Sit back and let's talk music. 

1. "Hey Now" - With the voice so similar to Florence Welch, we feel the constant tension waiting for this song to break into bigger beat, slowly rising and finally ending with the voice we all love. 
2. "Stay Awake" - Phenomenal industrial beat, eerie guitar, voice of an angle. 
3. "Shyer" - We love the oriental sound of the guitar and then synths that sound similar to steel drums. Song builds up perfectly in the vocals.
4. "Wasting My Young Years" - Out of the first four songs, this one has more variety with beat giving the listener a sense of calmness and then a sense of euphoria in the chorus with a beat you can dance to.
5. "Sights" - A simple piano accompaniment builds throughout the song to a string accompanied chorus where the vocals soar flawlessly.
6. "Strong" - Empowering vocals that soar giving the song its power. 
7. "Nightcall" - Piano at the beginning reminds of a tango. Very simple, but fulfilling at first. Builds to industrial beat giving more substance. 
8. "Metal & Dust" - We've actually have been listening to this song all summer so we are guilty of a little bias. We love pauses in the verses that keep the listener in suspense which leads to the up beat chorus. Which builds to an enormous string section and continues to build until the end of the song. Everything about this song is perfection.
9. "Interlude" - Very dream like with the simple piano accompaniment with purely perfect vocals. The song ends with an almost jazz ballad sound.
10. "Flickers" - We dig the somewhat jungle sounding beat. This song absolutely emphasizes the vocals with the looping instruments. The vocals and guitar accompany one another perfectly. 
11. "If You Wait" - We love the calmness of the song. It's almost like a lullaby mixed with soul music. We love the simplicity which allows the vocals to shine.

Favorite "Wasting My Young Years"

Overall Album Rating: 8/10 : We feel the overall album is phenomenal, but a lot of the composition sounds similar in some of the songs in the sense of how it grows until the end of the song. We applaud Hannah for having the voice of an angel. This is absolutely an album where you need to be in the a mood where you can sit down and love every second little bit of the composition. Way to go London Grammar. You guys are perfect!

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