Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Decadence of Decay

Last night I attended MS MR's sold out show at Webster Hall. They performed with WET and Wildcat! Wildcat! as their openers.
The night opened with WET making an appearance and gracing us with music off of their EP that dropped yesterday via SoundCloud. WET's raw vocals accompanied by the electronic drums and electric guitar complimented on another perfectly. They gave us a great show, mostly focusing on the music aspect. All we can say is that you better be on the look out for WET in the coming months. This trio is going to be a pop powerhouse! 

After WET finished up, Wildcat! Wildcat! came on to play a set. They played all of our favorites off of their latest EP including "Garden Grays". Their performance was phenomenal giving us the perfect falsettos that we clearly loved most about them, but also a great live production of each song. One thing that threw us off was what to expect Wildcat! Wildcat! to look like in real life. It was our first time seeing them live and we really haven't look at pictures of them before, but they threw us for a loop in a good way. 

Finally, the moment I have been waiting months for, well really only a month and half since I saw them at Lollapalooza, MS MR came out. Killing us instantly with their hit "Bones", I knew that this was going to be one of MS MR's best shows yet. MS MR did all of our favorites, making us dance our hearts away and making us cry why they took things down on "BTSK". I can honestly say that MS MR is and forever will be my favorite band. Lizzy and Max put so much effort in giving a perfect show every time that nothing can go wrong. And when something does go wrong they play is off smoothly. Lizzy always looks fierce and last night she looked so great we honestly wanted to crown her pop goddess of the universe for eternity. Max was phenomenal, showing off his crazy dance moves throughout the night.  I've seen MS MR six times live (and plan to see them many more times), my first being CMJ last year. I cannot believe how far these two have come in the last year. I knew from the moment I saw them at CMJ that they had what it takes to bring pop music into a much more creative light, and thus they did with their EP Candy Bar Creep Show and their debut LP Secondhand Rapture. I can honestly say that seeing these two come this far is so inspirational to everyone. They are perfect examples of what hard work can lead to. I probably cried so many times during their performance because it's artist like them that I love seeing making themselves a name in this industry. Way to go MS MR. You will forever and always will be my idols and my inspirations on everything I do with my career in the music industry and I thank you for that. 

*picture taken from MS MR's Philly 104.5 radio session

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