Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Empty House

It may be September, but Christmas has come early for us here at Oblivious Pop, which is almost fitting with the chiming intro to St. Lucia's new song "Too Close" off of their debut LP When The Night out October 10th via Neon Gold. We love the infectious dance beat the song grows into early enough to catch our attention and make us want to dance our asses off. Sticking with their signature tropical percussion instruments it adds so much uniqueness to the song. We applaud Grobler on his perfect vocals, as usual, on this track. The icing on the cake for us is the very end, almost reminding us of a carnival. Hearing this track makes us so much more excited for this album. It's absolutely going to be one of the highlights of 2013. St. Lucia is currently touring with Two Door Cinema Club. We highly suggest going to see them live. They were phenomenal at Lollapalooza this year and we have nothing but high anticipation for where St. Lucia will go. Watch out MS MR! St. Lucia is working their way into our all time love spot, but don't worry. There's room for both of you. 

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