Monday, August 26, 2013

VMAs Recap

Last night I got the amazing experience of attending the MTV Video Music Awards! Now before we get all excited, it wasn't the experience you're thinking of. No, I didn't walk the red carpet. No, I didn't actually meet any celebrities and take selfies with them. What I did experience was one of the greatest pop music moments in history.... well kinda.

The show started off with Lady Gaga performing her new single off of her upcoming album ARTPOP. Starting off with a full on close up of her face, she began the show on a rather quirky note (a Lady Gaga typical move). Her performance covered many of her various looks that she adapted since 2008 when she released The Fame. Her vocals were phenomenal, clearly using her operatic voice she attended NYU for. It wasn't her best performance she has ever given, granted who can live up to her Paparazzi performance ending in a blood bath. For having a hip replacement she sure can dance though. Props to you Gaga! You work hard! Check out Lady Gaga's performance below.

Do I even dare talk about Miley Cyrus's performance with Robin Thicke? Basically the performance consisted of Miley dancing around with creepy teddy bears and then grinding on Robin when he performed. This was literally the most disgusting performance I have ever seen in my life. I mean Miley did extremely inappropriate things with a foam finger on International television.... A little too far. Check out Miley's Performance below, but be prepared to be disturbed.

The defining moment of the night was when Justin Timberlake performed and was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Justin's performance consisted of him working his way back in tim with his music. This eventually led to the moment people have been waiting years for: NSYNC REUNITING. Sadly, this was a one time deal and didn't last as long as everyone wanted it to, but we all finally got our wish. Justin really brought a great performance and truly proved that he deserved to be honored with this award. No doubt that Justin Timberlake will forever be in pop culture. Check out Justin's performance below.

It was after this point in the night when everyone felt nothing else could live up to JT's performance, but one performance did. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed "Same Love." It was this performance that meant the world to so many people. It was more than simply a performance. It was a statement on television providing an amazing message. Macklemore created the perfect set to keep the performance intimate feeling. I will easily admit that I was tearing up throughout the performance. Not to mention Jennifer Hudson made a guest appearance. It was amazing to be a witness to so much support for everyone to have equal rights and for love in general. Check out Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform "Same Love" below.

And after this point was when the night became more dull. Bruno Mars performed his new single. It was a good performance but was never going to stand up to the performances earlier in the night. Finally, at the end of the night Justin Timberlake clearly won the Video of the Year Award because seriously, JT is a pop god! After JT accepted his award, Katy Perry closed the show with her new song "Roar." Clearly Perry didn't want to make watching her entire performance worthwhile. She performed at an off site location by the Brooklyn Bridge. Yes, the NYC skyline in the background was beautiful, but Katy lacked the excitement needed to close the show. She was clearly lip syncing which made it 10x worse. All I can say is Katy better reassess her team because they are clearly not helping her make the right decisions to make great music and have phenomenal performances.

All in all, the 2013 VMAs was one for the books. It brought together so many major event in pop music in one night! Can't wait for the VMAs next year. Hopefully they are in NYC again!