Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Friends Never Die

Everyone who is a fan of the UK Skins can admit how much they wish they were cool enough to be hopped up on drugs jamming out to crazy dub step music in an underground club. ODESZA captures this scene quite well with their music and their latest release "My Friends Never Die" from their upcoming EP. You can't help but picture an episode of Skins every time you listen to this song. Along with this, I would love to see a collaboration between them and Ellie Goulding. ODESZA consists of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. Coming together after their senior year in college they decided to make music together. This duo from Seattle has already self-released an LP titled "Summer's Gone." They will also be playing on Pretty Light's tour at some of their west coast stops. Check out and download their newest song "My Friends Never Die" off of their upcoming EP that drops on September 17th.