Thursday, December 8, 2016


NYC's Me Not You made their debut last week with "Bulletproof". Grasping a nostalgic 90s sound, these newcomers deliver a roaring track that delivers an ominous atmosphere. There's hints of pop laced through the organ loop and synths, but its the guitars that give it a hard bite. Me Not You are absolutely one's to keep an eye on as this next year will hopefully be filled with more from them. Rock out below.

Make Ya Move

We've been following Golden Coast since day one. After spending the past few years releasing singles, they're finally pushing forward a proper self-titled EP. A clear highlight off of it is "Make Ya Move", which grasps their signature sun-soaked sound. There's a grooving beat driving this one from the moment you hit play. The chorus is laced in a catchy melody that'll have your hips moving. It's a stellar rising pop-hit that's undeniably catchy. Just one listen and you'll be hooked. Golden Coast's EP drops tomorrow everywhere. Get yourself moving on this one below.

Love Is Suicide

Xander Singh's background in music steps back years ago when he was part of Pepper Rabbit and Passion Pit. After finding himself leaving Passion Pit due to his health, he comes forward with his own solo work inspired from all of this. "Love Is Suicide" is just a taste of his debut record. Backed by chiming synths, Xander gives compelling melodies that embrace his lyrical genius. The production delivers an almost cheerful vibe while the lyrics have a looming darkness. Xander Singh's debut album Muffin is out everywhere Dec. 16. via Hit City U.S.A. Get a taste below. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


LA's Emmit Fenn returns today with his second single "Blinded". Bubbling from the very beginning, Emmit gives us eery vocals that twirl on top of deep piano chords driven by the darkest of emotions. As you dive deeper into the track the chillier it gets as the strings build their way in continuously growing until the grand finale. Emmit Fenn clearly showcases his true talents on this one, proving he's one to watch going into 2017. Swim in the emotions below.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Take It Or Leave It

Emily Burns is the latest pop star on-the-rise from the UK. Her latest single "Take It Or Leave It" sets the bar for her. Her sound is refreshing as the production finds itself in a playful world with its chime, but Emily's vocals take things even further as they are pure and golden throughout. Think Anna Straker meets Alessia Cara for this one. Its got so much power while still remaining cool to the touch. Get familiar with Emily Burns because there's no doubt that she one of the brightest new acts in pop. Dive in below. 


Australian producers Wayfarer// and North Elements have teamed up with Denitia (denitia and sene) on their new single "Break". This ones a smooth R&B-infused hit that pulls on the chillest vibes while igniting through the vocals of Denitia. The verses are ice cold, but once the chorus kicks in things really start warming up with the textured beats that pluck at your heart strings until you're crumbling under it all. Let yourself break apart on this one below. 

No Roots

Meet English/Canadian artist Alice Merton with her self-defining debut single "No Roots". Never has there been a debut single that has related so well to the back story of an artists before. The lyrics circle around the idea of not having any roots and finding home in the sky, and for Alice Merton, that's exactly what she's done. Having spent her life traveling the world, this debut is absolutely written about her experiences of finding home in so many differentplaces. The track is driven by a grooving bass riding underneath her astounding vocals. It's packed with energy that'll have your foot tapping to every beat. Check this one below, and find home in the melodies of Alice Merton.

Friday, December 2, 2016

PREMIERE - 90's Kids

This year we've seen a massive surge of the electronic scene as producers step out from behind the curtain and have started to get a lot of recognition with releases of their own. Today, we introduce you to LA-based via San Francisco producer Safety Meeting with his debut single "90s Kids". Bringing Aria Hennessy on for vocals, Safety Meeting delivers a thumping beat that drive the track to the club and back while Aria's vocals add that golden touch on top. The message drives home this carefree feeling that makes you throw all your cares away and have a little fun. Check the premiere of this one below, and let all the worries flow away.

Hail Satin

Berlin has been seeing its it's indie scene grow in the past few years. It's the city that's found itself as a new sanctuary for young artists from all backgrounds to come together and thrive. Today, Berlin-based, new-wave trio Chai Khat emerge on their debut "Hail Satin". Riding high on those atmospheric guitars, Chai Khat give us traces of punk in their vocal melodies that dance with the likes of Day Wave and The Drums. There's a strong sense of youth and love throughout, along with everything in between. Chai khat deliver something completely left of centerfield on this and it's everything we could ask for. Get familiar below.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oblivious Pop X Spotify

After two months on hiatus, we are back. This was a much needed break, but overall, the music was bound to bring us back to these pages to deliver the best up-and-coming music. With the relaunch of the blog, we are excited to start rolling out some new features to give you the best new music at your easiest convenience. To kick things off, we have just launched our Spotify playlist Commuter Tunes. This is the best tracks from the hottest acts on the rise, all compiled into one seamless playlist that'll be the soundtrack for your daily commute. Check it out below and be sure to follow the playlist to get notified about all of the new tracks we'll be adding to it every week.