Thursday, September 1, 2016

Picks Of The Week - Sept 1st

Every week we pick some our favorite gems we came across, but didn't get a chance to write about. Check them out below and listen to all of our other picks for the month here.

Artist: Mhairi
Song: Clarity
London's Mhairi is the latest songstress to come beaming in the dead of night with her latest single "Clarity". Channeling a darkened 90s pop vibe, there's no doubt that this one is a true gem.

Artist: courtship.
Song: Stop For Nothing
courthsip. is LA's latest sun soaked pop-rockers with their debut "Stop For Nothing". It's fun-filled groove will have you dancing all night long.

Artist: EDEN
Song: rock + roll
EDEN is a true talent hailing from Ireland. Vocally, EDEN delivers a DIY production sound that works it's way into a full on production of hard guitars meshing with the purest of pop melodies.

Artist: Goldwash
Song: Honest
Delivering grimy synths over a pulsing beat, Goldwash gives us his latest "Honest". It rotates through chill verses and a burning hot chorus.

Artist: Black Coast
Song: Sleep Alone
We've been strong supporters of Black Coast since day one with his production ability far and beyond anything we've ever heard. "Sleep Alone" is a true smash that glistens like a diamond, but gives an underlying darkness at its core.

Artist: Molly Moore
Song: Just a Dream ft. Brandyn Burnette
Molly Moore teams up with Brandyn Burnette (two of our all-time favorites) on "Just a Dream". It's got Molly signature melodies twist through the haze accompanied by Brandyn's wondrous harmonies. Get lost in this dream track below.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Golden Coast are back this week, and like always bringing in a massive heat wave with their latest "Recess". Combining a playful beat that melts with the buzzing synths, this track is one that's bound to heat up your nights as things begin to cool down towards the end of summer. "Recess" comes off of their long awaited debut EP due out this fall. Press play below, and get back to the younger days.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Late Night

Having debuted earlier this year with a stellar EP, Jadu Heart return this week ready to take the game to the next level with "Late Night". With it's perfectly executed production that still has a DIY sound layered deep at the roots, you get melodies that glow like the neon lights gently hitting the soft drizzle of the guitars. There's more to come from Jadu Heart with a second EP on its way. For now, indulge below all of its neon glory.

Monday, August 22, 2016


With a already growing list of high accompaniments (touring with Kygo being one of them) and only a handful of tracks released, Anna Of The North has been proving time and time again that she's the chilling Norwegian pop star we just can't get enough of. Back at it again, she delivers "Us" and all of it's warm chills. It's laced in glistening synths with Anna's vocals being delivered stronger than ever. There's no doubt there's something special about Anna Of The North.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Picks Of The Week - Aug 20th

For all of our favorite tracks of the month, check out our playlist here.

Artist: FOURS
Song: Painful to Watch
FOURS had us hooked this last year with some stellar tracks that introduced the world to their indie pop/rock sound. Their back with "Painful to Watch" and everything about it will have you hooked.

Artist: The Landing
Song:Stars in Motion
The Landing has been giving us the smooth electro-pop vibes over the last three years. He returns with Stars in Motion which channels a Mutemath sound, ready to get your body moving.

Artist: Psychic Love
Song: Ultralight
The rocker vibes have found their way back into pop music ever since BØRNS graced us with his sound. With Psychic Love, we get that similar sound. It's a grooving rock track laced with a solid melody that'll have you drifting away. 

Artist: STEELE
Song: Deep Water
Sweden's STEELE has racked in the hype with her previous singles. Back this week with "Deep Water", she dives into the darkest waves as she delivers haunting melodies over a surging production. 

Artist: Graveyard Club
Song: Cellar Door
Minneapolis has a growing indie scene that might not get worldwide recognition right now, but it definitely deserves some further attention. Graveyard Club are part of this scene and know how to deliver a chill electro-laced track.

Song: Maryam
Switzerland's MARTINEZ are an act you're going to want to keep an eye on. Perfect pop melodies over stellar production that finds itself warming every inch of your body.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Tsar B has been climbing the ranks of pop royalty over this last year with each of her releases claiming territory within the hierarchy. This week, she takes things to another level with her latest "Swim". Holding strong with her twisting melodies that flow smooth and slow, Tsar B melts perfectly into the surging production. It's hypnotic sound takes pop music to an area we haven't seen touched in quiet some time. We're waiting for a full-on take over from this Belgium talent, but we're certain it's going to happen fast and soon. Press play below, and let the new queen claim the throne.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

About You

Colouring might just be the next best thing to come out of London. After delivering gold on their debut single, this 4-piece goes far and beyond with their latest "About You". Laced in echoing synths, this track is driven by a borderline dance beat. The vocal melodies soar over the production in effortless ways that prove that Colouring is truly something special. It finds it's way deep into your mind where it'll be playing on loop for days on end. One listen and it'll be all you think about. Get hooked below.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Picks Of The Week - Aug 12th

With the internet busting out music left and right it's been difficult on our end to feature everything we come across. We're working to streamline this process so great artists still get the exposure they deserve and helps us save some time. We'll still be doing individual features on the site, but we are excited to introduce our first Picks Of The Week post. These posts will come out at the end of the day every Friday to feature the tracks we loved. Check it out below!

Artist: XYLØ
Song: Fool's Paradise
We've been long time lovers of XYLØ (from day one actually), but this new one showcases how they keep getting better and are always sync ready.

Artist: Aria Hennessy
Song: High With Me
Ever need that perfect song to sit back and chill, but also have a little fun with? Aria Hennessy delivers just that with this track. Perfected pop that's fun to, well, get high to.

Song: So I Know You Care
TOULHOUSE is the latest electro R&B act to hail from NYC and this one is pure perfection. Expect big things soon with his Kevin Garrett melodies and Frank Ocean vocals.

Artist: Saya
Song: Cherry Bomb
All eyes have been on Toronto/LA artist Saya ever since she released her addictive debut earlier this year. She's back ands still showing us her all with pop-perfected "Cherry Bomb".

Artist: Oyster Kids
Song: Gum (Everybody's My Friend)
Our favorites Oyster Kids are back with yet another catchy tune "Gum (Everybody's My Friend)". It's laced in summertime vibes ready to soundtrack those hot days deep into the night.

Artist: Scavenger Hunt
Song: Rivers Run Dry
Scavenger Hunt have been one of our favorite finds. After releasing undeniable single after single, this duo might have just given us their best to date. It's a true summertime anthem we'll be playing far past when the days get cold.

Artist: M E R G E S
Song: ATL
Get to know MERGES because this new artist is going to be massive in the next year. A beautiful debut that's dark yet delicate to the touch. Immerse yourself in all of it below.
Artist: GLADES
Song: Speechless
GLADES have us speechless with this new one as it pulls on everything our electro-pop dreams. It's powerful. It's jaw-dropping. It's a smash!

Artist: Mallrat
Song: Tokyo Drift
The thing we love most about Mallrat is the big DIY sound she holds into her sound. It's chill yet catchy as fuck. Definitely something you'll be playing on repeat.

The Come Down

Empara Mi first won our hearts with her twirling melodies on debut "Wanderlust" earlier this year. Coming back stronger than ever, she powers back with her followup "The Come Down". Her vocals sound stronger than ever with their Dua Lipa-like tonesas the production climbs the highest mountain echoing across every inch of the world. It's a truly mesmerizing masterpiece that showcases how strong she is as a rising artist packed with a rushing energy. Get lost in the adrenaline of this one below.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


UK duo Alpines have been cruising on our radar for quite some time. Now prepping for the release of their upcoming album, they give our first taste with their glorious single "Heaven". Shining down with every ray of white light, Catherine Pockson's vocals act as a beacon ready to guide you through the flawless production. One taste and you'll be landing among the graces of your own paradise.