Thursday, October 4, 2018


Check out our favorite tracks from September below...

LA-based pop duo More Giraffes return with their brand new single "Not Cool". This tracks the lead single off of their upcoming debut EP that's definitely going to work its way deep into your head. More Giraffes deliver fun and spunky pop music that you won't get enough of.

COTIS is a Vancouver-based R&B/Pop artist that's been making waves since earlier this year. "Feel Something Again" marks yet another milestone on his way to becoming the next big superstar of our time. Just press play below and the music speaks for itself. This kid has got talent and the sky's the limit.

Rising pop artist Kyan Palmer reveals his debut EP Burn Mona Lisa. "Pretend That You Love Me" is a true gem off of this piece of work. Packed with catchy pop melodies and groove you won't get enough of, Kyan packs this track with a stellar falsetto chorus.
Chloe Lilac is one of our favorite rising indie pop artist at the moment. From her last single "Stolen Liquor" to her brand new single "Summer" she's truly got something unique to her sound. "Summer" is the perfect track to round of the season with its reminiscent lyrics that'll have you daydreaming far into the colder months.
Tsar B has been a force bubbling underneath the surface over the past few years. At long last she's set to release her debut album and kicked things off with "Brazil". Built upon her classic middler eastern influence sounds, Tsar B shines like the star she is ready to launch herself to new heights with this one.
WWWater has been exploding in Europe over the last year with her energized shows that people can get enough of. On her brand new single "Screen", she turns things up on notch bringing a sound that balances between jaw dropping experimental sounds to being a catchy pop track.
Julia Knight's "Like I Used To" is a truly stunning track. It's driven by her silky smooth vocals that dance flow elegantly over the sublet drums beneath the surface.
TENDER make their return with not just one, but two new track. With their whispery vocals and chilled out electronics, TENDER stay true to the sound that caught everyones attention to begin with. This new era for TENDER should be reminiscent, but should also wee them trek into new territory.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


LA-based Australian artist Georgi Kay has been a force bubbling just under the surface over the last year. With stellar single after stellar single, she's began to make a name for herself in the music industry. Today, Georgi releases her brand new single "Toxins" that marks the launch of the rollout of her debut album. "Toxins" leads in with murky synths trickling down into the verses driven by Georgi's iconic, hazy vocals. There's an gloominess that looms below the surface up until the chorus that boils with a nuclear energy just waiting to explode. One listen and you'll feel a rush of excitement from what's to come on the full album. Georgi's debut album Where I Go To Disappear is set for release this November.

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Check out our favorite tracks from August below...

Copenhagen pop trio CHINAH continue to tease their debut LP with "Strange Is Better". Still holding tight to their icy sounds, CHINAH continues to release powering track that you won't get enough of.

Toronto's Saya has been rolling out her brand new Sugar Coated Ep through August with new singles "The Moon" and "Played Out". Both singles deliver her unique vocals that vibe in the realm of Tove Lo while her production delivers the perfect balance of pop and R&B. Saya's new EP is out now.

Julietta exploded onto the scene with the rollout of her debut EP. Title track "Smooth Sailing" and "Hard Love" are two of the best tracks off of the project, both delivering us excellent pop melodies that keep things chill yet completely energized.

Alt-pop artist Future Jr. released his brand new single "Forget About Me" that's hot on the heels of powering single "Changing". This one continues to build out the groundwork for Future Jr. making himself a household name. A bit laid back compared to his other single, the vocals are catchy at every turn. It's a classic pop song that'll hook you from the first listen.

Stasney Man released her new single "Bullet" and it's a true pop gem just bubbling under the surface. The production has a vintage touch, while when it all comes together its a massive banger  just waiting to explode.

Sibling duo Strandels dropped their latest single "Need Your Love". It's a guitar driven track that has cruising verse that drive right into the classic pop chorus that's got a melody you won't get out of your head.

Dutchkid returned with their single "Wildflower" that builds on Morgxn-like melodies and a trickling production that keeps everything on edge. An excellent track that'll hook you on the first listen.

Dolly Ave is a true talent and she easily proves it on her single "Birds". The simplistic production lets everything shine on her, completely mesmerizing you as the melodies soar to new heights. Chill out to this one below.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Check out some of our favorite tracks from July featuring RALPH, MAAGS, SHY Martin, Kelsy Karter, Chloe Lilac, LANNDS, Young & Sick, and Tanners.

RALPH - 'Tables Have Turned'
RALPH has been one of our favorite rising pop stars ever since her debut single came out two years ago. On her latest single "Tables Have Turned" she finds herself sounding stronger than ever before. The lyrics are simplistic yet catchy, creating a perfect pop song backed by a bubbling production that you'll be playing on repeat all day long.
MAAGS - 'Love Someone'
Austin-based singer-songwriter MAAGS is back with her second single "Love Someone". It's a vibed-out pop track that'll hook you at first listen. The electronics in the production are perfectly complimented by the subtle indie elements laying just below the surface. MAAGS vocals are delicate yet powerful on this one, giving this one a total adrenaline rush. Fall for MAAGS on this one below.
SHY Martin - 'Lose You Too'
It's been just about a year since SHY Martin emerged onto the scene with her shattering debut single. On her latest "Lose You Too", she strips everything away letting her vocals, lyrics, and melodies carry the weight of this emotion filled track. The production slowly builds behind her on this one sending a rush of feelings with each note until finale where it all just disappears. This one truly shows just how much a future star SHY Martin is.
Kelsy Karter - 'Sad Sad Summer'
For all of us who have the summer blues, Kelsy Karter just delivered the perfect soundtrack on her latest single "Sad Sad Summer". Kelsy's vocals are truly stunning on this one with their bluesy tones while the production gives off every hint of an indie pop classic. Sit back and soak in the mood of this one below.
Chloe Lilac - 'Stolen Liquor'
Brooklyn's Chloe Lilac delivers her brand new single "Stolen Liquor", and damn, it's a gem. Combining R&B melodies with lo-fi production, Chloe has truly created a chilled-out track that's smoother than silk. It's got all those summery vibes you could ask for while you're cruising with the top down. Vibe out to this gem below.
LANNDS - 'you + drugs'
LANNDS' truly delivered a unique sound on their single "you + drugs" off of their brand new EP. The duo give us slow vibes on this one with looping electronics and atmospheric melodies that float eerily over the echoing guitars. There's traces of Daughter in the production while the melodies embrace the wonders of Japanese House. You can stream LANNDS' full Legends EP here.
Young & Sick - 'Letting Go Of Giving Up'
Young & Sick is back with his brand new single 'Letting Go Of Giving Up" off of his upcoming No Static EP out August 17th via B3SCI. Starting off with a simplistic piano backing, Young & Sick delivers a bluesy melody that vibes all the way into the glistening chorus that's packed with a groove. Jam out this one below.
Tanners - 'Empress In Reverse'
Tanners emerged earlier this summer on her debut single that marked her as one of our favorite rising stars. On her brand new single "Empress In Reverse", Tanners truly has solidified her alt-pop stylings. This one is driven by a grooving bass with a retro essence that'll have you lost in a psychedelic state of mind. One listen and you'll know that Tanners is definitely one to watch.

Monday, July 30, 2018


Rising New York-based indie pop songsterDominique, is back with her brand new single "Receipts". On this one, Dominique delivers a glistening pop production driven with with her sassy lyrics that pack a total punch to this gem. This is just the first taste of what's to come from Dominique this year. She's expected to release an entire new EP that we can only imagine will launch her to a totally new level. For now, jam out to this fierce track below.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


KNGDAVD are back with their brand new single "EVE". With their powering production that's packed with edgy beats and roaring guitars, this duo deliver melodies that take you on a journey. The verses run wild on this one up to the chorus that's sprinkled with a catchy little hook you won't get enough of. Get reacquainted with this KNGDAVD on this one below. 


Fred Nicolas' latest single "C'est la vie" is a true pop gem. His melodies flow in crystal streams feeding life into the track with every note. The production lets the track float smoothly with its glistening synths and Fred's smooth vocals. Check out this one below. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Check out some of our favorite tracks from June featuring Cappa, Phoria, LeyeT, bülow, Weslee, Cathedrals, Drinker, Ashe, Orkid, OTR feat. Blondage, Nekokat, and Eighty Ninety.

CAPPA returned with a bubble gum smash, "Tension" last month. The track is hooking with it's bubbling production that's quirky and packed with fun sound effects. The chorus is a true testament to her talent as a rising pop icon. It's everything you could want from a true pop queen.
Phoria returned with new music this last month, signaling a new area for this group. "RROTOR" held tight to their atmospheric synth sounds while remaining mysteriously with subtle hints of Bon Iver in their melodies. "When Everything Was Mine" gives us those classic Phoria vocals that are so pristine you can't help but be swept under the tides. Both are two truly stunning tracks that'll satisfy your chill vibes cravings.

LA's LeyeT has been quite a rising force in the pop scene over the last year, and "Most People" is her latest offer. Backed by a mesmerizing beat, the verses keep their distance in sound up until the chorus comes in and powers into the skies. LeyeT has truly done it again with this one.
bülow returned to deliver some more sad-pop bops that'll feed your darkest side. "Sad And Bored" is a powering track that introed the entire project giving us those edgy vibes we love from her. "You & Jennifer" dives deeper into bülow's darkest realms while remaining perfectly inline with the sound of the entire EP. bülow is destine to fine some massive attention in the next year. Only big things from her on the horizon.
R&B duo Weslee gave us one of our favorite tracks to vibe out to with "Somebody" off of their debut EP. Their melodies fall into the likes of Nao while giving us vibed-out production that floats effortlessly above the clouds. Take a trip with their full EP here.
Cathedrals return with their latest track "Behave" that finds its base in a 90s production while giving us their classic melodies that mesmerized us from day one. This one is just another excellent track to add to their repertoire as they continue onward. Listen below.
Drinker gave us his tastes single "Follow" this last mont that's icy smooth. The synths just glide through the atmosphere while Drinker's melodies swirl through the clouds. One listen and you'll find yourself lost in the skies.
Ashe's been quite the rising force ever since she signed with Mom + Pop. With two singles already under her belt, "Real Love" is her latest. It's a nostalgic track that's simplistic yet powering in every way possible. It's the perfect track to blare on a road trip through the mountains and never look back. Press play below and get ready for more great music from Ashe on the horizon.
ORKID has been one of our favorite rising pop stars of the year. Her lasts single "Obvious" holds tight to there tongue and cheek lyrics backed by the a pounding pop production you can't resist but jam out to. ORKID delivered again on this one. Keep an eye on her because she can only go up from here.
OTR teamed up with Denmark's Blondage for his latest single "Cold Facts" off of his upcoming debut EP. Channeling a production that plays with the likes of Flume, Blondage's vocals add that burning element, packing a punch to this already stellar track. OTR's debut EP Unfold is out July 18th.
Nekokat gave us their latest single "My Brain" that's a indie pop smash burning just below the surface. Driven by the cruising guitars, Nekokat give us classic indie rock melodies that dance between punk and pure pop elements. One listen and you'll be jamming to this all week long.
Eighty Ninety gave us their latest pop track "Dream" that's another one that'll have you dancing through the summer. It's production dances on the edge of going into a full on dance pop track, but keeps things held back far enough that it can easily fall into a truly classic bop. Dance into the night with this one below.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


RAVVEL is the latest pop gem to emerge from Belgium on her debut single "Pick Your Poison". With the verses backed by a production that channels subtle vibes of a Bishop Briggs, RAVVEL gives us beautifully soft vocals that float perfectly over the brooding synths below her. It's the chorus that's simplistic yet addictive from first listen with a melody that's haunting by nature. Sip on this one below. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


 Rising female pop duo REYNA are back with their brand new single "Baby Forget It". Instantly giving us Tegan and Sara vibes with their melodies in the verses, REYNA give us a total 80s pop bop that'll be soundtracking you all the way through the summer. The chorus embraces hints of Haim in the production as the girls give us those undeniably addictive pop hooks that'll be running wild through your mind. If you don't know REYNA, then press play below and get familiar. There's truly something special here.